purchase – close up

these are some of my last purchases of the month february, but there are still a few items missing in those pictures because i had them in laundry when i took the photos 🙁
but still:
pink blouse from h&m – it gives you a happy spring feeling!

lace shorts – zara 
 close up on the material:

plissée skirt, zara

sunglasses – dsquared, belt and scarf – zara

2 “pliage” bags from longchamp in nice summer colours – love them so much!

dark red trousers from zara (but the true color looks way different than on the picture, in reality it´s more of a red wine color)

see-through, silky shirt from h&m (looks good with a black bra underneath, or – if you are less daring – with a black tube top)

peachy top, zara

nailpolish – anny (gifted from my lovely babe), scarf with lace – h&m

i´m missing a few tops, necklaces and blazers here – but you see, february was a pretty good month shopping wise 🙂
next month i will try to cover up some items from my wishlist!

feb/fab glossy.

this whole week i´ve been waiting, nervous like a little child, calling my mom every two minutes: mommy, has my glossybox arrived yet??? 
she never came until today – YESSS (i thought), i came home and there she was. lying patiently around, looking cute and waiting for me.

this time, the package was more of a subtle princess pink and not as strong as last time.
like a little bonbon and i liked it. (see glossybox of january here)
unwrapping, i was curious if i might have the same stuff inside as i had seen on other blogs that got the box before me this time.

so what was inside this time?
first, a compact eyeshadow in a nice grey from cosline, a for me unknown brand.
but it is a nice color and fits my other shades so i will definitely use it.
the texture is very creamy so it should be easy to handle.

then a mask from swiss haircare for weak and thin hair – just perfect for me, i always have problems with the volume of my hair, after 2 hours it looks like spaghetti!

a new hairspray in a compact size from l´oréal, perfect for my handbag!

closer look at the eyeshadow 
 an issey miyake scent, also in a nice size and smells very good – comes in handy when you want to refresh yourself in summer. 

and last not least a nailpolish from the brand jessica in a nice pink, and that´s a shade i didn´t own yet – so that was a really nice surprise!
overall i am again pretty happy with my glossybox of february 2012 and can´t wait for the next one!
i am pleased with all the products but i really like the swiss haircare and the nailpolish in this nice colour! also, my daily make up routine consists of shades of grey, so the cosline shadow stick fits me very well!
what was in your fabulous glossybox of february?

in love with love.

today i discovered an amazing online shop of a brand i had already known via topshop.com.

picture via here
i´m talking about “inlovewithfashion.com“, a label which produces divine dresses, skirts and knitwear.
they don´t have mass production, therefore their collections sell out very quick.
and the best thing is – it seems they have free shipping and really aren´t expensive!
it was SO hard to decide on which dresses i want, but finally i couldn´t resist and ordered these babys:

inkwear, as seen on i´m fancy

as seen on native fox

the two dresses above were on sale – 2 for 50 €

all images via inlovewithfashion.com
there are a few items i would have loved to order too, but they are sold out already and they put me on waiting list – so hopefully i will get an “item back in stock” notice soon!!!
what would you have picked?


last autumn, my bf and i had gone to paris. it was a gift of mine for his birthday.
paris is such a wonderful city and i didn´t really know what to expect and if it would be as great as everybody said.
view over paris from eiffeltower

we were staying at a really nice hotel in the 17th quarter called “blc design hotel paris”.
the blc stands for “blanc” and everything, including tv screen and sheets, floor and pictures are just white, which creates a really comfy atmosphere.
picture via here

my tips for going to paris:

1. bring the coolest stuff out of your closet, you can never be overdressed in paris – and my style for these days was way to comfy for the parisian taste.
2. don´t go to the big, expensive and well known restaurants – look around for cute little bistros, you will get good food everywhere in paris but pay less and have a nicer, original atmosphere
3. don´t wear heels, as long as you are planning on really seeing something of this huge city – you will get the most out of your visit when you do the sightseeing by foot
4. don´t be sad when you are not able to buy something cute – there is such a wide range on things, thousands of shops and boutiques and i was completely unable to cope with the overextended choice of things.
5. on sundays, nearly everything is closed in paris – but there is a HUGE food market at the rue richard lenoir which is worth a visit:
6. we decided to make a riverboat cruise on the seine and it was simply beautiful and you get a completely different and romantic view on paris:
7. don´t try the famous crepes anywhere on the street, go to a cafe for that! we tried them at some little street shop and hated them, my bf will never eat one again in his life!
8. in the morning, get yourself some delicious coffee and croissants:
have fun in paris and take a look at some of my favorite shots,
first walk around – was definitely dressed too cold since there was a freezing breeze!
such nice flower shops everywhere around paris

menu of the restaurant we spent our first evening at – “Chez Paul“, 13 rue de Charonne
i can only recommend it since it is a typical parisian restaurant, very nice and romantic interior and really good steak tartar

ready to go sightseeing – eiffeltower
a different view

happier than ever – finally up there! my bf forced me to go up the eiffeltower by foot since he didn´t want to wait in line for the elevator for more than 2 hours! but it wasn´t really that bad, we climbed up there for 10 minutes, it was much cheaper than going by lift and we didn´t have to wait at all!

and yes, our lock is there right now as well! 

best dinner ever! 

we went there the weekend after steve jobs died – see how sad everybody was.
toilet paper, just too cute
colette is a concept store at rue st. honoré. we went there because a friend of mine told me it´s a MUST when you go to paris and she was right – this store is just amazing and they offer the coolest stuff you don´t get anywhere else, from fashion to headphones to shoes to cosmetics and other things like candles etc. etc. etc.

rue st. honoré.
does anybody know whats in this building?
ready for the last dinner in paris.
and this is where we had it – such a nice little restaurant in an old pharmacy.
different approaches on jewellery 🙂
saying goodbye to paris.

Das ist der Tag…

picture via here

whilst blogging around today, i found something really funny, creative and long overdue. i personally call it “a nightmare brought to paper”.

picture via here

this book covers the whole finale show of last season´s “Germanys Next Topmodel”.

now, i know that heidi and her team of ever changing but always hyped up, artificial jury still has a lot of fans – and i have to admit, i really loved the show in the beginning, but when heidi´s voice became higher, her laughter getting louder and more annoying and her comments about the girls more invidious with each season, she definitely lost me as a fan.

so much the better i liked this idea in the small yellow book with the cryptic name:

 “this is the day you will still tell your grandchildren about.”

two students of the HTW berlin recorded and typed every single word (including squeaks, high and nosy laughter and commercial breaks) of the showfinale for their term paper in communication design.

so know, everybody who wants to relive the show the “intellectual” way can read the whole book here on issuu.com
and trust me, words written on paper are much more truth revealing and unforgiving than spoken out loudly.
pictures of the finale show via here
excerpts via cool outfit

have fun reading! (or maybe not),