running kiwi

a lazy sunday, a big stomach and a weakness for asian food is all you need for lunch at a running sushi restaurant. somehow we seem to close every single week at the local running sushi place but decided today that it is enough for a while now. a person can only eat so much salmon and kiwi sake.

anyhow, i managed to take some pictures before we said goodbye to our ex-favourite-fast-food-lazy-hungover-restaurant.


it´s so fluffy i wanna die!

i take this one personal.

because i am so excited about my new blog my mind is overflowing with ideas for new posts.
and what i totally forgot over thinking about cool things to blog about, was to tell something about myself.
i am a 23 soon to be 24 year old girl from salzburg, austria. i live for all the delicate things in life – good drinks, especially loads of wine, nice food, cool stuff, art, fashion and breezy summer evenings in the city.
i like to travel a lot and have a good job for that as you will see later on.
selfmade cupcakes (another thing i really love)
i really love my family and my younger, adorable 13 year old brother (he is going to be a superstar one day)!
see my brother in the background?
and of course my bf, whom i consider not only a friend but THE best man a girl could wish for.
babe in snow
i love taking pictures with my canon eos 350 d, but this baby is a little old by now and i´m saving for a new one, probably the 550d.
what else is there to say? i live together with my boy and his best friend in an amazing apartment in the inner city of salzburg, courtesy to my bf i get to stay there and save my money for more important things – like clothes, nailpolish and jewelry.
i´d have so much more to say but can´t put everything in one post, so i decided to split it up on lots of upcoming little stories – so make sure to stay updated!
result of shopping trip

fashion finder.

what i like to do in my spare time is create outfits i could never afford on asos fashionfinder and then lust about them. nice, huh.

 Micheal Kors: watch
Marc Jacobs: Bag
Michael Kors: Heels
Farfetch: Blazer
Manjoh: Bracelet
Acne: Shorts
Jen Kao: Short
Sam Edelman: Sandals
Elizabeth and James: embellished blouse
Yves Saint Laurent: Bag
Michael Kors: Watch
Hely: friendship bracelet
Ju Li Ba: golden ring
see prices here.


last october my bf and i travelled to prague because i had to go there for work.

after one hell of a ride with my boss to czech republic (yes, i saw my life pass me by and the light wanted to welcome me already a few times) and a few days of work my babe joined me in praha – and yes, he had to travel alone, poor thing!

we spent the weekend strolling along the moldau, climbing up the hill to prague castle, shopping and simply having joy in one another.

another thing i wanted to tell you – i´m sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, but i wasn´t at home a few weeks and couldn´t get hold of my notebook – as soon as i have it again i will upload better pictures, taken by my canon eos.

hipstamatic photo – moldau

prague ham on the christmas market – oh so delicios

hard, hard, hardrock café

just a little christmas present from my babe
last not least – YES, i drank beer.

DIY presents…WTF

there are a lot of DIY blogs i really like, but in my opinion, the best of all is “honestly…WTF”.
they have a really great DIY section and recently i started crafting a little, making my own bracelets.

and honestly…how can one not be in love with these cute little bracelets?
have a look and get inspired:

I already made the pink one!

all images via honestly…wtf

Be sure to check out my blog the next days to keep updated on my with my results of the DIY projects!