my thoughts are always wandering around, thinking about beautiful stuff to purchase. most of the time i forget about them pretty soon, which is really good for my account balance, but some of the things get stuck in my mind and these are some of the things i decided to get myself in the next time for sure:
michael kors oversized horn watch:

sal y limon bangles
(so, so, sooooo cute, but still looking for an online shop since i don´t know where to get them in austria):

picture via purses and i

hunter boots (have to get them before its too warm):

(i wanted it with pink lining so bad, but sadly it´s no longer available in this color and the LV people don´t know if it is going to be produced again – still, it is on my wishlist):
and now you know what i´m working for 🙂

label check – philippa green.

a few days ago, a good friend of mine (see here here on the last picture) told me about an extraordinary jewellery designer called philippa green. 

she is best known for her perspex cufffs which she attaches sterling silver strips, semi precious stones, rubber and beads to, but she also designs rings and customizes her jewellery for her clients.
pictures via herehere and here
and guess what, my friend got extremely lucky and had been given one for free from her boss!
this piece is also very typical for philippa green, because she also engraves cuffs with floral designs or according to the customers wishes.

have a look at philippa greens website:


monday micro blog II

it´s monday again and that means it´s time for yet another micro blog! btw, i am so excited – today, 1000 people visited my blog, i know that´s not a lot for many bloggers but for me it is a good start! 
thank you guys!
so here are the next few photos from my iPhone…

(f.l.t.r: (1) getting ready for a girls night out (2) casual business outfit (3) red. (4) preparing for a visit at my bf´s house (5) red lips, white fur (6) sooo tired on the way home from paris (7) exploring vienna


nail party

to start off – it´s REALLY hard to write a post with wet nailpolish on my fingernails.
anyway, i want to show you my nailpolish collection, yay!
 1) wash your hands with dish liquid – this way the polish will last longer
2) don´t brush too slow, do it rather fast and without fear of blotting, the finish will look much smoother  
(same rule applicable for eyeliner as well)
3) don´t cut the cuticles – actually, do as less as possible with cuticles, if at all push the skin back with a  
(best you just use a lot of handlotion and nothing else)
4) for the wow effect: just glue something on one of the nails, like a little bead
(or paint one nail in another color)
let´s start with anny: i love the huge color range they offer and it doesn´t shiver for about 4 days!

isa dora wonder nail polish: i liked it this summer because of all the pastel tones, but with the wide brush it´s not really easy to precisely paint the nails.

favorite of all: OPI, such nice colors and stays forever on the nail without a scraper but i only possess two – at least for now!

and here is how my manicure turned out: