sick in innsbruck.

this weekend i spent in innsbruck which is a small town in austria – it was a gift of mine for my mums birthday! we had two amazing days there, but since i was sick the whole time i didn´t feel like taking pictures (or being in one actually).
so this is the only picture i can show you, taken right before we left:

jeans: pull and bear, sweater: h&m, necklace: h&m, watch: michael kors

we stayed at this hotel, right in the middle of innsbruck (they have AMAZING breakfast and a great bar at the top floor there):

picture via the penz

for dinner we weren´t sure where to go but ended up here (bar and restaurant sitzwohl):

picture via here
i can only recommend both places, but the restaurant sitzwohl has really high prices, so if you don´t want to spend a lot of money for your dinner you should go somewhere else – other than that, the food and service there was great!

Joseph Kony.



as you now, i have a weakness for taking pictures of things i see in magazines and find worthy 
enough to remember. (see last post here)
so here are the latest snapshots of items i saw while being on the train to budapest:
1. lovely codello scarf    2. statement necklace, topshop   3. vionnet earrings (see post below)  4. mexican dress, asos

1. eyeshadow duo, ysl   2. liquid eye liner, l´oréal
1. minx silver nail wrap   2. barry m croc effect   3. inspiration   4. mexican style   5. glitter
1. home decor inspirations   2. japanese music chain via    4. artsation – buy art online    5. book about travelling
with dita, it´s the same like with the chanel bag: there´s nothing more to say tha: it´s dita!

poly dreams.

Maxi denim

lately i keep thinking of denim blouses and different ways to wear them. 
here is one combination that i would LOVE to wear.
these earrings i´ve seen in some magazine and took a picture because i really like them.
the michael kors watch has to be part of every outfit i´m wearing right now since i just got it this weekend.
for the rest – some great items that i really can´t afford at the moment – but one can still dream, right?
as i said above, i love denim blouses but still haven´t found a really nice one – tips, anyone?

the silk maxi skirt and the classy accessories create a good, everyday wearable contrast.

for the chanel bag – nothing more to say than: it´s a chanel bag.

click on the picture to be forwarded to my polyvore page where you can see prices and online shops for this outfit.



finally the temperatures became more spring like in salzburg, so we decided to take a walk into the city.
it was so nice outside, everybody was just wearing light jackets and the city was crowded with sun-seeking people. now i really can´t wait for my “love” dresses i recently ordered – perfect for spring as you will see in further posts!
so here is what i was wearing today:
and the outcome of our stroll through the city was soooo good for me – i got my michael kors watch, but i didn´t choose the horn one because it looked too plastic in reality – instead, i bought the oversized, gold runway watch – YAAAY and i love love love it!

how did you spend your sunny weekend?