a bite from the apple.

as i told you last post, friday was the farewell party for one of my best friends – he´s leaving for 
tomorrow and will be working there for 7 months! 
of course we made it a really lovely night, drank wine, had a wonderful home-cooked meal and crafted the night away (we made a memory book with all the photos of the last years).
 because we had a little too much fun i´m still really tired, so just enjoy the impressions of the night!

my outfit
dress: love
shoes: tube
watch: michael kors
index finger ring: new one by schullin (see it on one of the first picture

just a trip.

i´m so not looking forward to tonight…first friends night out in weeks!
the not is because we have to celebrate something really big of which i´m not sure wether to cry or laugh about – one of my best friends is leaving for the big apple next week and not coming back for 7 months. 
 (this is a picture he took of me last year, such a nice evening)

this is him (and no that´s not his hair, it´s just a russian cap)

so i´m really really sad to see him leave but also it´s a big chance for him, soYAY let´s celebrate. 

(not that we really need a reason to go out and party but it´s always good to have at least an excuse) 

p.s. i´m sure we´ll take amazing pictures tonight so i can show you how we celebrate!

little something´s.

this is quite an old picture but i still love it – and just to be clear, i quit smoking about a year ago. (proudness)

for those who speak german – funny, right 🙂 couldn´t resist when i saw this bag on www.wemakethecake.com

just a hint of my last purchases.
shopping bag: we make the cake
earrings: marni x h&m
necklace, ring: h&m
also got my long awaited dresses from love and they are simply wonderful.
outfit post to come.

more jeans more love.

this was the first really sunny weekend in austria and we made it a wonderful one!
we cooked, had breakfast on the balcony, went out for lunch, played the first round of golf and just enjoyed each others company and the sun…
(kitchy, right?)
here is what i was wearing (my purchases from prague), the mint jeans is also going great with a pink cable knit sweater which i was wearing the next day for golf – made me feel like a pretty pastel bird (also it was quite a bold choice for the golf course but i loved it)!

mint and gold.

as i told you in a recent post (here),  i wanted to show you my latest purchases from topshop and some other things i love at the moment. 
what i found there – the perfect fitted denim shirt i was looking for sooo long, a mint pastel jeans (yay!), an amazing mint silky shirt with beads on the side, some undies i won´t show you (but nevertheless – i love all lingerie from topshop, the bows on the back of the undies are just too cute) and some stuff for the bf – two shirts and a set of boxers in nice colors!
in the other pics you see one of my latest DIY projects, my favorite chain at the moment (love bold and gold) and of course my beloved michael kors watch.
see how i styled the new things today (such a nice warm day) in the next post!