best day of the year.

yesterday was my favorite day of the year by far – for me, 1st of may is better than christmas, easter or my birthday.
all the people who gather in traditional, colorful costumes (dirndl and lederhose) for one day to celebrate, drink lots of beer and eat pretzels make me so happy that i get all nervous and sqirrely and prepare for that day like it´s prom.
reminds me of a countryside version of coachella, actually.
for those who don´t know this austrian tradition – 1st of may is national holiday in austria and the whole country celebrates in different ways, but mainly it´s about erecting “maibäume” (and that´s nothing else than a huge wooden pole with a little decoration on it) and they have pretzels and sausages hanging on them. the main part of the celebration is about raising the pole and then some really courageous young men try to climb up and get the pretzels and sausages.

a local newspaper took a picture of me and my girlfriends (i´m the only one who didn´t manage to look normal and my face looks like i´m hurting or something. that figures.):

ok, while writing down what´s that party all about, i realize it must sound really stupid to people who aren´t familiar with this tradition – but trust me, it´s worth going.

btw – that´s not my traditional “dirndl”, this is only the one i have for partying when it doesn´t matter if it gets spilled on or something. also, normally people wear a white blouse underneath a dirndl. well yeah, i´m different.


insta love #2

i´m sitting on the train right now, only one hour left till i arrive in my new hometown, vienna!
and since this is the first time in days that i don´t have a huge amount of things to do ahead of me (not much of possibilities on trains), i want to show you the last pictures that i took with my iphone – those of you who are following me on instagram have already seen a few of them!
if you are interested in following me on instagram, my name is ketchembunnies.

i hope there will come a time soon where i am able to post more outfits and “real shots” with my “real camera” again – till then, have a look at my daily pics.


babe and i. red and leo.

babe and i. hangover (big glasses needed).

love diy necklace (so proud). ootd and bunny case.

new facebook header. love diy necklace again. mani – the young girl and the sea. blingis khan.

cosmopolitan with friends. new essie. getting tanned.

bling. and so proud to present to you – diy friendship embellished bracelet.

ootd, pastels. minty shoes.

manicure – smartie nails. ootd – working girl.

babe and i. ready for going out.

home is where the heart is.

so guys, here is what i wanted to tell you and already mentioned last post.
some of you who are following me on pinterest might have noticed i started pinning onto a new board.

i got promoted in my job two weeks ago, therefore i have to move to vienna somewhat around june.
i am super excited – about my new job, the new challenges ahead of me and for a whole new lifestyle.
also i´m so glad because my babe is coming with me – YAY 
(even if he´s joining me only 8 months later, but the main point is he´s coming)!!!!
vienna is a great city and i will have a lot more stuff to do and blog about then in little salzburg – don´t get me wrong, i love my city to death and will definitely come back sometime, but for now it´s time for a change.
so i´m busy looking for apartments in vienna, which is quite difficult handling from salzburg.
my mind is overflowing with ideas on how to style our new home (that we haven´t even found yet) and i´m thinking of a light place with natural, clean materials and and an elegant, grown-up but cosy atmosphere. getting the idea of it? here you see the products that are really important for me and that i definitely want to purchase.
i want to get a mix of glass, chrome and wood – these are materials that are perfect for mixing and also they leave room for colored, fun accessories like fresh flowers, pillows, magazines, trays, plates, candles etc….

where i get many inspirations is the everygirl, which i saw the first time on bikinis & passports (one of my favorite blogs btw).
they offer solutions on how to style coffee tables, entry ways or how to set tables for dinners with friends – among lots of other cool stuff of course.
then, the best decorating and interior design store of all times is kare – love it so much and planning on buying a lot for our apartment there. they have so many lovely things and cover so many styles, from vintage to modern to über-stylish.

also i joined the daily newsletter where they send 8 design pieces (mostly home decoration but other cool stuff as well) that you can purchase for a lower price in a certain amount of time, so i get some ideas from there too.
i will keep you guys updated on new inspirations for sure!

follow me on instagram

i think i´ve never told you before that you can also follow me on instagram, my name is ketchembunnies.
since my days won´t stop being super stressy and now i´m even lying in bed because i´m sick, i wanted to show you some pics of the last couple of weeks that you can also see on instagram if you follow me.
1. last week i went to a work related event and since i´m from salzburg i was wearing my dirndl of course. 2. my “love” diy charm 3. some new bling
1. and 2. what i was wearing for a casual birthday party (denim top topshop, lace shirt zara) 3. mint and white for work
1. working girl 2. going for the perfect bun (that´s my favorite hairstyle for work these days) 3. working girl
1. spring jacket yay 2. macaroons – sooo yummy 3. ready for take off (girls night out)
hope to deliver more posts of a richer content soon, but as long as i´m tied to my bed like this i don´t have much hope for the next days.
but – there is a big change in my life coming up and i will tell you about that very soon!

black and white.

first of all i want to tell you i´m so sorry for the lack of posts last week, but my days were super stressfull and i didn´t really have time for anything fun at all – except a girls night out with a very good friend of mine. black and white is always a classic and if you don´t have much time to dress up, it´s a nice way of looking chic without much effort. 

white blazer: zara
white shirt: zara
lace shorts: zara
earrings: marni x h&m