kiss from a rose

i was very inspired by anna´s  post about her putting flowers everywhere around her apartment to pretty up her space. fresh flowers are something that i wanted to get since i moved in but somehow never managed to actually do it – but now i did and am so happy about the fresh smell in every room and the nice look the instantly provide. so now my plan is to buy fresh flowers at least twice a month – the simplest and most beautiful way to redecorate a flat on a regular basis.

things you wanna bring to the woods.

since i´ve spent the last week at our hat on a mountain in carinthia where we spend most of our summers (which is the reason that only two autoposts came up on the blog), i thought of showing you some wood/forest/nature inspired things that you might wanna bring for a week outside the city or that remind me of being there (also, the woolrich arctic parka is on TOP of my shopping list right now).
i am really impressed at how small you can really fold the new wayfarer folding by ray ban (my babe got this one for his bday).
also, you guys are probably wondering why you should bring an yves saint laurent lipstick BUT my motto is that no matter what you are doing or where you are, one can do everything with at least a little bit of class!
and yes, i am fully aware that normally you don´t wear heels in the forest but i really like the color 🙂

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the vienna experience. mayerei im türkenschanzpark

as i already told you in the last post, i met up with my friend judith a while ago and we decided to go to a nice little bistro in the middle of the türkenschanzpark in the 18th district of vienna.
the restaurant is called “mayerei im türkenschanzpark” and it´s surrounded by flowers, palms and people who stroll through the park, play games and do sports. 
i love that they offer a wide range of juices that are being purchased from a local bio-farmer.
also, you can choose from a huge range of small dishes – we decided to mix two salads together and the outcome was pretty good – just look at the pics below.
so if you wanna grab a quick snack and combine it with a walk, the mayerei is the place to go.

Chain all over.

last week my good friend judith and i decided to meet up halfway from both of our homes, which happens to be the türkenschanzpark in the 18th district of vienna. 
i went there by foot and it was a really nice walk from my apartment, although next time when going for a walk i will throw on something more comfortable 🙂
the jeans are my current favorite pair of jeans because they fit so well, were super inexpensive and i got them while being in budapest the last time. i also really love the blazer which has large shoulder pads and a chain running down the revers – got that one last year in spring from guess. 
however, the key piece of this outfit is the necklace for sure which i got from my friend vicky as a belated birthday gift – did i already mention how much i love my birthday this year?
and what we were doing in the park you will find out in the next “vienna experience” post!

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