how to…store jewellery

as of now i don´t have much space for my accessories, bags, jewellery and nailpolish in our recent apartment, but thanks to glossybox i can store my things in the very cute boxes the products get delivered in. also, we made our own storage shelf (DIY – BEST PROJECT EVER). as you can see in one of the pictures, we made a „closet“ out of old wine boxes. looks very stylish, creates much space and is not very hard to make (also, really inexpensive – only thing is you have to drink loooots of wine to get that many empty boxes).

the good news although are that i will be moving in a new apartment very soon, therefore the focus for interior design will be on creating as much storage space for me and my bf as possible.


fresh love

here are some of my latest findings (through online and realtime shopping).
i´m absolutely in love with my new converse and just don´t know how i survived without them until now. 
see through blouse: h&m
white converse all stars
necklaces: forever 21 (pearls), h&m (rest)
leopard ballerinas: h&m
see through blouse with hood: forever 21
yellow blouse: h&m, trousers: zara


last week i got a super cute and creative invitation to a fashion event near where i´m living, thanks to a friend who´s working with the company.
i´m talking about s.oliver´s real star which is an event for people who work with the brand such as retailers and are awarded for the good work they are doing the whole year.
the event organizers put a lot of effort into the whole thing, beginning with the invitation itself – that´s such a good idea with the TV and the dress code inside, brings back childhood memories – and they always have awesome show acts and a great program at the real star award. this year they´re sporting a fifties theme and me and my babe (he´s joining me) are thinking about what to wear – any inspirations for me please?
anyway i think it´s a great way to motivate people and i´d love to work for a company that honors the most important people – their staff.


glossy april.

this month´s glossybox was a real pleasure again. i opened it, saw what was inside and was instantly happy. first, they put a hipster glossybox shopping bag on top of the bag which is really cool (i love those kind of bags, see blog post here)
then i love the essie nailpolish i got, it´s a light lavender shade that was still missing in my nail polish range (see blog post here).
what i tried out the same day i got my box was the joico k-pak hair mask and it works wonders!
i´ve been using it three times now and will definitely purchase the original size of it since my hair needs a lot of care and tends to dry out.
also, the maria galland gloss is so cute with a really nice, smooth texture.
so we have a winner – best glossybox yet.


best day of the year.

yesterday was my favorite day of the year by far – for me, 1st of may is better than christmas, easter or my birthday.
all the people who gather in traditional, colorful costumes (dirndl and lederhose) for one day to celebrate, drink lots of beer and eat pretzels make me so happy that i get all nervous and sqirrely and prepare for that day like it´s prom.
reminds me of a countryside version of coachella, actually.
for those who don´t know this austrian tradition – 1st of may is national holiday in austria and the whole country celebrates in different ways, but mainly it´s about erecting „maibäume“ (and that´s nothing else than a huge wooden pole with a little decoration on it) and they have pretzels and sausages hanging on them. the main part of the celebration is about raising the pole and then some really courageous young men try to climb up and get the pretzels and sausages.

a local newspaper took a picture of me and my girlfriends (i´m the only one who didn´t manage to look normal and my face looks like i´m hurting or something. that figures.):

ok, while writing down what´s that party all about, i realize it must sound really stupid to people who aren´t familiar with this tradition – but trust me, it´s worth going.

btw – that´s not my traditional „dirndl“, this is only the one i have for partying when it doesn´t matter if it gets spilled on or something. also, normally people wear a white blouse underneath a dirndl. well yeah, i´m different.