Sweet like candy

these pics were taken by my lovely friend judith last week. i love bright colors and pastel these days, makes me feel like i can prolong summer a little. the big brown bag is so far the best buy from this year – it´s clean, chic and perfect for work as well as for shopping.
concerning my hair – this updo is my favorite go-to hairstyle, so quick and easy and works with every hairtype/length.

Ikat Dreams

now i finally understand what people mean when they say: you are never done with furbishing an apartment.
it´s so true, everytime i think i´m fully equipped and done with decorating or moving things around i find some places in my home where i could still fit in a mirror, painting, a tray or vase or other decorative elements.
these items are on my wishlist right now – i discovered this amazing online store called CWonderstore.
they have basically everything one could wish for with ikat prints or other cute designs.
the gold athena leaf tray (this one is from Vanillawood actually) is perfect for holding jewellery or displaying other items as well as the ceramic plate with the giraffe (they also have that one with other animals).
also, one can never go wrong with some candles like this one from diptyque. 
note cards are cute for dinner invitations (place cards) or for a quick note added to a present.
now here´s the bad news – i fell in love with most of the stuff from CWonderstore only to find out that they are not shipping to austria.
bad for me, good for you guys who live in america! but at least i can get the gold leaf tray 🙂
but i will go on a hunt to find at least some similar items that are available in austria as well!
additionally, i highly to recommend these stores to you:
Design Darling (for decorative objects)
Muji or The Container Store (for acrylic storage)
The Party Fairy (for party accessories)
Jonathan Adler (for trays)
A Modern Style (for monogrammed chevron home decor)
Society Social (for great vintage bar carts)
Annechovie (for prints and jar matches)

1.,2.,4.,5.,6.,8. via C Wonderstore

Givaway: Hudiefly Shirt

i am super super excited to be able to start my first giveaway for you guys today – and i think it´s a pretty amazing first giveaway as well!!!
i`ve teamed up with lovely jasmine from hudiefly and we decided to give away one of her amazing, asymmetrical shirts with her logo on it. 
i love all of the stuff she is offering in her shop (ordered a mr. mustache shirt for myself) and the print on these tanks below represent the hudiefly logo, which is the chinese letter for “fly”.
“Hudiefly: Hudie, [ syll. hu-die, hud-ie ] means butterfly in Mandarin Chinese.”
what i especially like about hudiefly is that they are environmentally green, also they donate a portion of all of their sales to charity works. the company was founded in 2011 by jasmine and her design partner shirley and clearly they developed their own style and put some very creative design ideas to life with this brand.

so here is the thing: jasmine wants to improve her logo (even though i think it´s already perfect the way it is) and wants to know what you guys think about it and how she could change it in terms of color, size, shape or whatever you could think of!

to win one of these gorgeous shirts, just follow these simple steps:

– follow ketchembunnies on either google friend connect, bloglovin OR facebook.
– like hudiefly on facebook.
– leave a comment with your mailadress, the color of your choice AND an idea on how to improve the logo in the comment section of this blogpost.

– a winner will be chosen randomly by the end of next week on friday, 7th of september

good luck to all of you guys!

for loners.

while most of my evenings are packed with running, shopping, seeing my girls, spending time with my babe or just cleaning and decorating the apartment, i have some nights just for myself where i´m not planning on doing anything at all – like yesterday. on these rare occasions i like to come home from work and just relax, open a bottle of wine, light up a candle, read my favorite magazines, do my nails (for which i don´t have that much time ususally), watch a good movie or series on my laptop and prepare a healthy meal for myself – but nothing too fancy because i don´t even want to spend too much time on that when i´m alone. i think it´s really important to be alone sometimes – just throw on something comfortable and make the most of YOUR night.

daily essentials.

one thing that i always like seeing on other blogs is the make up the girls are using because i am very keen on finding new beauty secrets.
i am almost addicted when it comes to high quality beauty products and could easily spend all my money on it and have to really stop myself sometimes from shopping too much make up.
i´m on a mission to find the best foundation out there every other month – kind of obsessed with the whole foundation thing – or to basically have the perfect looking skin.
so today i want to show you guys my absolute basics in make up that i use on an almost daily basis 
(sometimes only once or twice a month when going out).
(just something quick here: before you look at the pics i have to apologize for the dirty look of some of the products but that´s just because i really do use this stuff)
i don´t really use something other than mascara and kohl on my eyes, except when i´m going out – then i apply eye shadow as well to create some smokey eyes. those two products up there are my absolute favorites when it comes to eyes, the mascara is unbelieveable and the fluidline kohl is a little bit hard to apply but you get used to it (application with a little brush) and it lasts FOREVER.

for blush i´ve been using chanel for a long time now – it´s a pressed powder, can fall down but doesn´t break and crumble, lasts a really long time on the skin and smells of roses.

i recently rediscovered the lipstick from n°7 – it is a brand that i know from the time i lived in england, not sure if you can purchase it around here – but i love the color and use that lipstick for the office now, it´s a light nude shade. the mac lipstick is a neon orange and i wear that one when i feel very daring, which only happens to be once a month.

that dior powder i got from my babe as a present, it was from a limited dior winter edition and i love that it´s an absolute HIGH END PRODUCT. when applied, it gives you a light, sheer diamond shimmer wherever you want to have one. the case is decorated with swarovski diamonds and it really sparkles in the light (and it doesn´t look as dirty in reality as it looks on this picture, sorry guys!)

now – my favorite subject – foundation. 
those make ups up there where the ones that i purchased recently but i never came across one that satisfied my needs as much as the esteé lauder double wear make up and i really tried them all – bobbi brown, mac, clinique, lancome, chanel… i get a lot of compliments for my skin when i´m wearing it, but i can only recommend it to people who have slightly oily skin and want a make up that lasts very long because it´s rather thick and sticks to the skin for about 24 hours. and with stick, i really mean stick – you can´t even rub it off anymore to blend out any edges, so be careful with applying.
the invisible fluid by esteé lauder may be perfect for people who have naturally beautiful skin and just want something light to even everything out, but it´s just not enough for my skin, also it doesn´t last at all – i can just wipe it off like a cream or something.
i am rather satisfied with dior´s bb cream, but i have to apply a lot of powder as well when i´m using it because my skin will get oily and shiny after two hours if i don´t.

when it comes to powder, there´s not much one can do wrong – i love all mac powders, especially the pressed blot powder. it really absorbs any oil and you don´t even see the powder on your face.
the mac mineralize powder is a littlebit thicker and some people use it instead of a foundation, but i really like it as well. the esteé lauder one is also good (like everything else by esteé lauder) and i use it on days when i feel like the mac blot powder isn´t enough.

nails and fragrance are pretty easy and i don´t invest a lot of time/money in that. i found that for me some dark shades work best on my fingernails, those are the ones that i use on the weekends – for weekdays and for the office i apply essie´s allure which turns out sheer when applied once and white when applied three times. 
in general, my essie collection is growing fast and i am a big fan but i find it unpractical to use colored polish during the weeks – i don´t know what it is with other bloggers or if they just don´t have a job, but i don´t have enough time to do my nails every day or go to the office with mint colored nailpolish on.
for fragrance i use either what is given to my as a present or i buy jil sander sun – not only does it smell great and reminds me of summer but it´s also really cheap – around 20 €.
hope i could help you all a little bit and if you have any questions, please comment below and i´ll be happy to answer all of them.