bonnie looks strange.

i think with bonnie strange (girlfriend of wilson gonzales-ochsenknecht and wannabe shining newcomer starlet, rising with the help of perez hilton and fellow blogger) it´s the same as with any other kind of girl that tries to be „different, stylish and cool – so make me famous“ – either you love her or hate her.
i´m still not sure about her, usually her style is way to trashy for my taste, but then i came along this photo in one of the last issues of glamour – and i absolutely 
 love it.
the light, the stuff she is wearing, the haircolour – everything is perfect and she looks just stunning. below you find my polyvore version of this outfit, sadly i couldn´t find the trousers she is wearing.
click on the image to see brands and prices.

looks like bonnie strange 

 what do you think about bonnie strange?
yay or nay?


Ahoj! Hello from Prague.

since monday i´ve been in prague, amazing city but cold as hell. i´m still feeling a little ill and i already know the most important sights of the city, so i decided to go to „palladium“ just to do a little shopping.
hotel breakfast room. hotel lobby bar.
palladium is a huge shopping center, just 2 minutes away from my hotel. while strolling around there, walking by the same old shops they seem to have everywhere around europe these days (sorry, but i don´t come to prague just to visit yet another h&m, zara or mango…it´s getting on my nerves that you get the same stuff everywhere!!!), i found an amazing interior and decorating store, 

i discovered it to be the most amazing place for interior and decoration, they have such a great way of styling rooms. they present their stuff in fully equipped and decorated rooms of which i would love to live spend every second of my life in every one.

after that, i went on and SUDDENLY – out of nowhere – like a wonder – in front of me:

my day was saved, my mood went up to super-über-excited, i stormed in just to find out that it was only a miniature edition of the original oxford street topshop – but anyways i´d planned on ordering a few things from their online shop (it´s such a pity, we have every lame store in austria, just no topshop) which i already had in my shopping cart online but wanted to wait with my order. 
i got everything i´d wanted, amazing findings – wait for the next post where i will show you what i got.

missing summer.

normally i don´t do two posts in one day – but sitting around in cold prague (not that it would be any warmer in austria, but still) makes me miss summer even more – i want to be somewhere where the sun shines, where it´s warm and i have a cold drink in my hand (no, i´m not talking about fanta) asap 

looking through inspirational pictures on pinterest does the rest – suggestions for a perfect holiday anyone?
meanwhile we can all look at the collage i created and dream about warmer days…

praha again.

i´m in prague again for work, still sick and alone and was thinking about something to show you guys, since i´m still not really in the mood for taking pictures and going outside.
so i thought i could show you the rest of the photos i took while i was in prague the last time.

it was in october, together with my babe, see my first blog post about that here.

looking like a little child in this one

sick in innsbruck.

this weekend i spent in innsbruck which is a small town in austria – it was a gift of mine for my mums birthday! we had two amazing days there, but since i was sick the whole time i didn´t feel like taking pictures (or being in one actually).
so this is the only picture i can show you, taken right before we left:

jeans: pull and bear, sweater: h&m, necklace: h&m, watch: michael kors

we stayed at this hotel, right in the middle of innsbruck (they have AMAZING breakfast and a great bar at the top floor there):

picture via the penz

for dinner we weren´t sure where to go but ended up here (bar and restaurant sitzwohl):

picture via here
i can only recommend both places, but the restaurant sitzwohl has really high prices, so if you don´t want to spend a lot of money for your dinner you should go somewhere else – other than that, the food and service there was great!