the vienna experience. Tel Aviv.

another edition of the “vienna experience”. bit by bit, my friends start to introduce me to the real hotspots of vienna and i love it! tel aviv beach is a pretty crowded place because people seem to really like it there, for obvious reasons. we got there around 7PM and already had to wait a while for a table, although the outdoor area is pretty big and offers a lot of seating possibilites. 
so far, one of the best places i´ve been to!

the vienna experience. LOCATION CHECK #3

and here comes another favorite of mine – ever since i moved to vienna i started a posting series about my favorite restaurants and other hot spots around town. today i want to present to you: the glacisbeisl.

it´s one of my favourite restaurants because i can easily go there for lunch in my break during the weeks, but it´s also located very near the mariahilfer street, which is a famous shopping area here in vienna.
these days it´s been super hot and sunny and i really enjoy the fresh air underneath the trees of this great venue – the garden of the glacisbeisl is a real gift and also very romantic in an urban kind of way.

(all pictures via glacisbeisl)

Zugang Breite Gasse 4, 
Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien


the vienna experience. LOCATION CHECK #2

what i started last week was a posting series about locations in vienna such as bars, restaurants and other cool stuff and i already showed you a favourite bistro of mine, das heinz.
today i want to share a really special sushi experience with you. my friends chris and judith took me out to a special asian restaurant once, and i can still taste the yummy sushi when i think back.
Gürtelbogen 215/216
19, Heiligenstädter Str. 29-31
the asian restaurant “NEON” is located near my apartment in the 9th district of vienna, which is perfect for me as i love love love asian food (i think even more than italian food).
the interior of the restaurant live´s up to it´s name as everything is designed in neon colors which i don´t know if they are really perfect for a nice dinner – but i can´t say anything about that really because we were sitting outside.
for starters i had the satay skewers with peanut sauce – soooo delicious! 
then i had various sorts of sushi which was really the best one i ever had (and i am reeeeeallyyy picky when it comes to raw fish), just take a look at my insta pictures:

what i love most about the neon – you can always choose the all you can eat option, but it´s different than in other restaurants where you can eat only from a buffet – neon offers this special treat A LA CARTE!
isn´t this incredible? order as many dishes from the menu as you like and pay 17,90 €!!!
definitely will be a returning customer…

girls night reloaded.

last week, one of my favorite bloggers and at the same time new friend vicky from bikinis & passports invited us (me, sonja from fashiontweed and our good friend judith) again for a girls night to her new apartment. not only is the apartment amazing but vicky managed to decorate the place with her great sense of style already and i simply love her gorgeous rooftop terrace. 
for me it is so nice to have found such sweet girls that i can hang out with in vienna and we all enjoy our girly nights – although i really miss my babe and look forward to when he´s joining me in our new hometown.
until then – here´s to more girls nights and more wine!

(thanks to vicky for these amazing pics)


the vienna experience. LOCATION CHECK #1

while i´ve been here, my girls took me out to various places over vienna and i´ve discovered some real gems. most of those who live in vienna are familiar with these bars and restaurants, but for me, everything is new and i love how creative and unique the interior design and also the food in these restaurants was.
over the next time, i want to present to you some of my favorite places that i discover while being here and which stuff of the menu you should definitely try!
image via

i want to start with “das heinz”. it was the first place that i went to in vienna, because it is located just next to a hotel i stayed when i didn´t have an apartment yet. i had a great evening there the night before my first day of work in vienna with one of my best friends, and somehow the living-room-atmosphere calmed me down and i felt like vienna was welcoming me already.

what i loved about heinz is definitely the interior – everything is white, cosy, girly, chic, stylish, warm, welcoming, glittery but not kitschy at all. when it´s warm outside, they open the huge windows to the front and it feels like sitting at a veranda. they also have a few tables outside and a smoking area (thank god that´s not relevant for me anymore). you can go there for dinner but it´s also perfect for a few after-work-drinks as well.

image via

like nowadays almost every bar/restaurant in austria, they offer some drinks containing prosecco/wine, sparkling water, lime, elder extract and some mint leaves. some call it “hugo”, some call it “summer aperitif” – i don´t really care how it´s called anyways, as long as it´s bubbly and yummy.
concerning food – if you are more on the vegetarian side of life, give the “grilled halloumi” a try. that´s a greek dish consisting of grilled goat-/cowmilkcheese with tsatsiki and salad – simply delicious!

there is something really special at the heinz called “das extrazimmer” which is a beautiful room at the back of the restaurant. it´s perfect for having a private event like birthday celebration or company meeting back there, they even have a beamer and screen where they show the football games during EM.
i´m really thinking of having my birthday in the extra room this year – well, we´ll see!