quick trip to paris

last week i was in paris for one night, just a short trip because i had some work to do there. i only had really little time to visit my beloved paris but used my time there wisely, took a stroll through saint-germain-des-prés, small side-trip to galeries lafayettes, had dinner at les deux magots and a glass of wine at some café near my hotel. next day only breakfast and then home again.
i wish work could always be as great.


Ahoj! Hello from Prague.

since monday i´ve been in prague, amazing city but cold as hell. i´m still feeling a little ill and i already know the most important sights of the city, so i decided to go to “palladium” just to do a little shopping.
hotel breakfast room. hotel lobby bar.
palladium is a huge shopping center, just 2 minutes away from my hotel. while strolling around there, walking by the same old shops they seem to have everywhere around europe these days (sorry, but i don´t come to prague just to visit yet another h&m, zara or mango…it´s getting on my nerves that you get the same stuff everywhere!!!), i found an amazing interior and decorating store, 

i discovered it to be the most amazing place for interior and decoration, they have such a great way of styling rooms. they present their stuff in fully equipped and decorated rooms of which i would love to live spend every second of my life in every one.

after that, i went on and SUDDENLY – out of nowhere – like a wonder – in front of me:

my day was saved, my mood went up to super-über-excited, i stormed in just to find out that it was only a miniature edition of the original oxford street topshop – but anyways i´d planned on ordering a few things from their online shop (it´s such a pity, we have every lame store in austria, just no topshop) which i already had in my shopping cart online but wanted to wait with my order. 
i got everything i´d wanted, amazing findings – wait for the next post where i will show you what i got.

praha again.

i´m in prague again for work, still sick and alone and was thinking about something to show you guys, since i´m still not really in the mood for taking pictures and going outside.
so i thought i could show you the rest of the photos i took while i was in prague the last time.

it was in october, together with my babe, see my first blog post about that here.

looking like a little child in this one

sick in innsbruck.

this weekend i spent in innsbruck which is a small town in austria – it was a gift of mine for my mums birthday! we had two amazing days there, but since i was sick the whole time i didn´t feel like taking pictures (or being in one actually).
so this is the only picture i can show you, taken right before we left:

jeans: pull and bear, sweater: h&m, necklace: h&m, watch: michael kors

we stayed at this hotel, right in the middle of innsbruck (they have AMAZING breakfast and a great bar at the top floor there):

picture via the penz

for dinner we weren´t sure where to go but ended up here (bar and restaurant sitzwohl):

picture via here
i can only recommend both places, but the restaurant sitzwohl has really high prices, so if you don´t want to spend a lot of money for your dinner you should go somewhere else – other than that, the food and service there was great!

szia! hello from budapest.

this was my last day in budapest and i finally had time to visit the city a little.
during my trip, my mind about budapest changed completely. at first, i thought that it was a glorious city once, but there is not enough money in hungary to keep the buildings renovated and as beautiful as they were – and i was right with this opinion, but i can see the true beauty of budapest now as well.

view over the buda part of the city from the gellert hill
the magnificent buildings get a mysterious touch through their crumbly facades, there are flower shops everywhere around the city and i believe that budapest has to be the greenest place in europe around summertime because you see trees and parks simply everywhere. for every house there are 3 trees, it seems.
i couldn´t really take pictures because i did a hop-on hop-off tour, so i have to preserve the beautiful images in my mind somehow – do you know this feeling when you see something so surreal and overwhelming, it simply takes your breath away? that´s how i felt today! even though i couldn´t take great pictures, enjoy the ones i captured over the past days:
wide land. 
with the sun on my side.

west end shopping center – 3000 brands in over 300 shops

ready for business 
isn´t this a great lamp? maybe one of the next diy projects…

such a cute, cute café – look at the chairs!


taking a break.

all alone in a crowded place.

waiting for…?

music is a matter of interpretation.