staying in barcelona: where to eat, where to sleep

this will be the last post about our short city trip to barcelona. with millions of different options of where to eat the best tapas and fish or which hotel would be the best, i found it very useful to get some guidance of people who had already been to barcelona or were living/working there. now it´s my turn to share the best restaurants and hotel recommendations with you guys, just in case you´ll need some tips for your next city trip.

we stayed at the k+k hotel picasso in the born area next to the barri gótic of barcelona.
the area is simply amazing, lots of cute little shops, tapas bars and cafés and just 10 minutes by foot to the “las ramblas” and to the harbour. the hotel itself is brand new, funny thing is that the facade looks very antique – but it´s not. i loved the rooftop!!! terrace (amazing view over barcelona) with the pool and the huuuuge buffet breakfast. another cool thing is that the bathrooms were integrated into the living space of the rooms with frosted glass. totally worth staying there.
K+K Hotel Picasso
Passeig de Picasso, 26-30
08003 Barcelona

just 200 meters away from the hotel you find “la gambeta”. the service is super fast, the ambience of the restaurant is very chic and cozy and the food is amazing. if you go there, you have to try the paella – it´s sooo delicious and typical for spain! 
Restaurante La Gambeta
Carrer de la Fusina
 3  08003 Barcelona

another bar that´s located right behind the hotel: incógnito bar. shabby chic would be the right definition for this bar, perfect to just sip on delicious mojitos and letting the long days of sightseeing ease down.
Incógnito Bar
Carrer de la Fusina 6
08003 Barcelona

since we went to barcelona for my aunt´s 50th birthday, we were looking for a special location to celebrate her birthday in style. morelia restaurant was a recommendation by the resident manager of our hotel and it was a total hit! the restaurant offers a fusion of spanish/argentinian food and wonderful steaks.
we also decided to take a little bit of everything for starters and really everything that i tasted was phenomenal. they also serve some kind of baked cheese with herbs which was one of the best things i ever tried in my hole life. 
Morelia Restaurant and Cocktail Bar
Pl. Comercial, 7
08003 Barcelona

guys, i am so sorry but i don´t know anymore where this amazing tapas bar was – but it doesn´t really matter because in the area of el born you find thousands of amazing places to have tapas and really good spanish wine! but i will try to find out the name of the place and amend this blogpost once i have it!

welcome to barcelona, day three – montjuic

welcome to day three of my barcelona trip! after two days of rain, the weather finally took a turn to the sunny side and it got really warm – just like i imagined it to be before we got there! it was so nice to have the sun shining on your face and sitting in cafés with nothing on but a t-shirt and sunglasses (and trousers of course haha 🙂 ). to see the city from another angle, we decided to go up to montjuic using the gondola that carries over the harbour. it was a great experience, even though we had to stand in line and wait for over an hour – but the amazing view of barcelona definitely made up for the waiting. but look and see for yourself:

welcome to barcelona, day two – parc güell

hi lovelies, so we have already reached day two of my barcelona trip. still to come: day three, the hotel where we stayed and the restaurants we visited! on our second day in barca we decided to do a hop-on hop-off tour to see the most of this city in a short amount of time. but again it was raining buckets soooo we got soaking wet all again – but at least we were already used to being wet from the day before.
and because of the rain we were not able to get off the bus until we reached sagrada famila, the famous church by gaudí which is still under construction. we didn´t enter because there was a line waiting for tickets all around the building – i guess we should have bought the tickets online! we continued by foot from there up to the parc güell, another must see (and got wet on the way up again…old news by now). parc güell is amazing but crowded with tourists (yes, i am aware that i am a tourist as well, but still 🙂 ) so we just strolled through real quick and went shopping around the plaza catalunya.

my sightseeing outfit
amazing bubble at parc güell
can you spot the little parrot in the tree? well hidden, right?
sagrada familia 

baby birdies

at parc güell

welcome to barcelona, day one – mercat de santa caterina

it was around lunchtime when we arrived at the airport in barcelona last thursday, the sun was shining and it was warm – what a good start. but just when we left our hotel after check-in, it started raining cats and dogs. so we hurried up to meet my aunt and uncle who were already waiting for us at the amazing mercat de santa caterina – but we got soaking wet anyways (mainly because i was certain that rain in spain couldn´t last longer than 5 minutes and persuaded the others that we didn´t need an umbrella at all…that didn´t go very well!). and since the weather really wasn´t nice at all, we spent the entire first afternoon at a lovely tapas bar inside the market hall, tasting through the different kinds of tapas, cavas and wines, watching all the people around us buying fresh fish, meat and vegetables. here are some impressions of the mercat de santa caterina:

fruit and herbs:
the bar where we spent our time:

super fresh fish

all kinds of vegetables

yummy peppers

fresh juice

all kinds of olives

best rioja i ever had



even more fruits

beautiful vintage flacon that we saw on our way home

ingredient list: packing for a fall city trip

babes, while you are reading this i am already far away from my home and spending some quality time with my family in a fantastic city! can you guess where i am from what i´ve packed?

however, i am a huge fan of short city trips and somehow i travel the most during fall. i´ve always been that kind of girl that packs way too much stuff for way too little time. 10 pair of shoes, 3 bags, 5 blazers, 15 tees, 2 dresses and of course 3 different jackets – because one can never know what happens while being away.
to avoid heavy luggage and strained nerves i recommend having a look at my packing list and avoiding the mistakes that i made before!

also, a good tip is to really sort of plan your outfits for every single day and not just throw everything that you see into your suitcase. i´m aware that this is still a long list, but with these basic things you should be fully equipped and able to create some fancy but practical outfits!

p.s.: i´ll tell you where i am pretty soon!

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