label check – philippa green.

a few days ago, a good friend of mine (see here here on the last picture) told me about an extraordinary jewellery designer called philippa green. 

she is best known for her perspex cufffs which she attaches sterling silver strips, semi precious stones, rubber and beads to, but she also designs rings and customizes her jewellery for her clients.
pictures via herehere and here
and guess what, my friend got extremely lucky and had been given one for free from her boss!
this piece is also very typical for philippa green, because she also engraves cuffs with floral designs or according to the customers wishes.

have a look at philippa greens website:


nail party

to start off – it´s REALLY hard to write a post with wet nailpolish on my fingernails.
anyway, i want to show you my nailpolish collection, yay!
 1) wash your hands with dish liquid – this way the polish will last longer
2) don´t brush too slow, do it rather fast and without fear of blotting, the finish will look much smoother  
(same rule applicable for eyeliner as well)
3) don´t cut the cuticles – actually, do as less as possible with cuticles, if at all push the skin back with a  
(best you just use a lot of handlotion and nothing else)
4) for the wow effect: just glue something on one of the nails, like a little bead
(or paint one nail in another color)
let´s start with anny: i love the huge color range they offer and it doesn´t shiver for about 4 days!

isa dora wonder nail polish: i liked it this summer because of all the pastel tones, but with the wide brush it´s not really easy to precisely paint the nails.

favorite of all: OPI, such nice colors and stays forever on the nail without a scraper but i only possess two – at least for now!

and here is how my manicure turned out:

DIY – braided hex nut bracelet

crafting is a new passion of mine and i seem to spend more and more time braiding hex nuts into bracelets and researching for new diy projects like these.
TIP: visit your local building centre and let yourself get inspired by all the items that can be used for making jewellery! also, if you want a DIY supplier that offers really everything you need, i would recommend ornamentea.
even though they have to ship from north carolina and you have to pay the shipping fee and taxes i put up with that because i can´t find the right stuff in my surrounding area.
here is one of my finished wristbands, find the instructions at honestlywtf!
have fun crafting away,

the box of joy

after seeing lots of pink, sweet boxes with goodies in it on other blogs, i had to research what this pink cute 
package is about. 
you can order a glossybox and it will be delivered to your door, filled with 5 luxury cosmetic products in 
smaller sizes. of course i had to order this box of happiness instantly and one week later it arrived – 
glossybox of january 2012! 
in my glossybox there was an oil for hair from kérastase, which is a brand i have been using for years now 
and am pretty happy that i got this oil “elixir ultime” – it also came in an appropriate size and you don´t have 
to use much, so i think this will last a while!
then there was a small “high impact” mascara by clinique – i normally use lancôme´s “doll eyes” mascara, but 
this one is also very, very good and has a perfect size for taking it with you in your handbag.
what you don´t see on the pictures below (sorry for the quality but my camera died just before taking these 
photos) is a kiehl´s “ultra facial moisturizer”. kiehls is also a brand i really like, but my skin is very sensitive 
and therefore i didn´t use it yet because i don´t really like switching brands when it comes to my skin – 
anyhow, i will try it and then report how it works for me!
the last two products are a lipbalm by janssen cosmeceutical, a brand which is totally new to me – but i like 
the taste of this lipbalm. normally i am using elizabeth arden´s “eight hour cream”, but this one is fine as well.
and then an orange flavoured body lotion by an (at least for me) unknown brand as well, which i haven´t 
tried out yet.
last i want to say, that the package is so sweet, i will save all of the boxes for storage – so i am really excited,
 the february box should arrive next week!
get your own glossybox here:


(ps: if you see the shadow on the last picture: YES, i do have an iphone case with bunny ears)

fashion tags.

everytime i read a magazine, i take plenty of pictures of things i want to purchase later so i don´t forget them. here are some of my inspirations and future-things-to-buy, from nailpolish to jewelry i basically want to buy everything, but most of all i take pictures of cosmetics!

do you know these products or do you have any experience with it? tell me what you think about them and what is on your wishlist right now!

check! use it since 3 months and totally love it!

still on wish list, but i am pretty happy with my current foundation, esteé lauder´s double stay!

got the cheaper version – anny´s rockstar babe!

check! i consider rouge volupté a steady companion of mine.

i think this would look sooo cute with a white shirt and jeans

check! got the charm for my birthday from my bf

i think this is such a cool and extravagant idea!
this was on my wishlist forever, i hope to get it soon!