today, my friend and i went shopping a little (without success btw) and here is what i (we) wore.

beautiful photographer, wearing wildfox and zara

lace blazer: zara
t-shirt: zara
belt: guess
trousers: guess

monday micro blog II

it´s monday again and that means it´s time for yet another micro blog! btw, i am so excited – today, 1000 people visited my blog, i know that´s not a lot for many bloggers but for me it is a good start! 
thank you guys!
so here are the next few photos from my iPhone…

(f.l.t.r: (1) getting ready for a girls night out (2) casual business outfit (3) red. (4) preparing for a visit at my bf´s house (5) red lips, white fur (6) sooo tired on the way home from paris (7) exploring vienna


label check – wildfox couture.

one of the labels i really love is wildfox. it is an american vintage-inspired women´s knitwear brand, but they also offer swimwear and have a kid´s line! what i like about it is that the label was founded by two beautiful, young childhood girlfriends, emily faulstich and kimberly gordon.
“she is a native heart, she is all neon light, she is a love child; she is a WILDFOX.”
btw, i think their campaigns are amazing! 
all images via wildfox

babyboo madness

“babyboo shoes” is a sidney based company which emblazes shoes, bras and corsets with thousands of rhinestones and sequines and fulfills every girls dream. they have their online store on facebook, you can buy all items here:
i think the bras are amazing and would definitely buy the black one or the stars and stripes corset and wear it to a theme party or perhaps underneath a sheer, black blouse.
which one would you get? 

isn´t this vintage baby just amazing?
pictures via here

Valentine´s Day and Night

for today´s valentine: be the sweetest gift yourself with these two valentine outfits – day and night edition.
click here to see full outfits and prices.
 happy valentine! 

 Alexander McQueen: Scarf
Wildfox: Bracelet
Bag ´n´ Noun: Bag
Michelle Oh: Gold Encrusted Ring and Diamond Quarry Ring
Ralph Lauren: Jeans
Miriam Ocariz: Chiffon blouse

Alexander McQueen: Cocktaildress
A I Wear: Scarf
Asos: Crystal Owl Earrings
Guiseppe Zanotti: Sandals
Azyra: Pearl Bag