insta love #2

i´m sitting on the train right now, only one hour left till i arrive in my new hometown, vienna!
and since this is the first time in days that i don´t have a huge amount of things to do ahead of me (not much of possibilities on trains), i want to show you the last pictures that i took with my iphone – those of you who are following me on instagram have already seen a few of them!
if you are interested in following me on instagram, my name is ketchembunnies.

i hope there will come a time soon where i am able to post more outfits and “real shots” with my “real camera” again – till then, have a look at my daily pics.


babe and i. red and leo.

babe and i. hangover (big glasses needed).

love diy necklace (so proud). ootd and bunny case.

new facebook header. love diy necklace again. mani – the young girl and the sea. blingis khan.

cosmopolitan with friends. new essie. getting tanned.

bling. and so proud to present to you – diy friendship embellished bracelet.

ootd, pastels. minty shoes.

manicure – smartie nails. ootd – working girl.

babe and i. ready for going out.

black and white.

first of all i want to tell you i´m so sorry for the lack of posts last week, but my days were super stressfull and i didn´t really have time for anything fun at all – except a girls night out with a very good friend of mine. black and white is always a classic and if you don´t have much time to dress up, it´s a nice way of looking chic without much effort. 

white blazer: zara
white shirt: zara
lace shorts: zara
earrings: marni x h&m

i drink to that.

wonderful weekend again – and here is how i wore the dress from this post on saturday evening. 
i topped it with a studded leather jacket which you don´t see in the pictures, but i felt like being a true rockstar. also, i got rid of the earrings after wearing them for 5 minutes because it was just too much bling
in the pictures you see some wonderful friends of mine, a very good friend from vienna (you also see her in this blog), a make-up artist who is living in berlin at the moment and the blond boy is one of my roomies. of course my babe was present as well but didn´t feel like taking blog worthy pictures!

dress: love
necklace, ring, earrings: h&m
watch: michael kors
shoes: zara

weekend outfit planning.

weekend outfit planning
as weekend is getting closer and the vows that i made last weekend  never to go out again in my life slowly fade, i´m starting to think about what to wear this time. i already own the petrol wrap dress from 
(my favorite brand at the moment), the aviators and a cool leather jacket (not exactly this one, but it´s kind of similar and has some studs on the shoulders).
the shoes from shoemint are another thing – i wanted to have them SO BAD, but guess what – sold out!
i put myself on the waiting list, but i don´t really expect them to come back in stock anytime soon, which means that i´ve been searching for something only half as perfect as these shoes – without success.
click on the picture to see full brands and prices.
anyone excited for weekend too?

a bite from the apple.

as i told you last post, friday was the farewell party for one of my best friends – he´s leaving for 
tomorrow and will be working there for 7 months! 
of course we made it a really lovely night, drank wine, had a wonderful home-cooked meal and crafted the night away (we made a memory book with all the photos of the last years).
 because we had a little too much fun i´m still really tired, so just enjoy the impressions of the night!

my outfit
dress: love
shoes: tube
watch: michael kors
index finger ring: new one by schullin (see it on one of the first picture