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Good morning my lovely readers – hopefully most of you still cuddle up in bed! While you enjoy your Saturday morning and read this, I´ll already be busy and at work. Doesn´t matter, this way I can already update you with my ootd – decided to wear something cozy today (aaaand love the color combination khaki/bordeaux), even though my outfits for work are and should be very classy all the time – but hey, it´s saturday, right? Enjoy your weekend, lovelies!
Parka: Zara (VERY similar here and on sale), Jeans: Hollister, Scarf: Primark, Jumper with crystals: Primark (similar here), Flats: Zara

la hong – flagshipstore opening

on tuesday, i attended the flagshipstore opening of viennese designer “la hong”. some friends of mine were kind enough to take me there and i have to say it was quite the experience. there were lots and lots of people and it was really crowded at “stilwerk” in the second district of vienna, where the party took place. highlight of the evening was definitely mischa barton who attended the show as well – but it was obvious that she felt very uncomfortable with the masses of people and photographers around her. 
i have to admit that i really didn´t like la hong´s new line, which is inspired by the theme “rise like phoenix from the ashes”. my friend and i only saw 3 pieces that we liked – but as always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it´s certainly not my place to judge. it was simply too crowded there, so we all decided to go back to the bar of the intercontinental hotel (AMAZING chandelier over the bar) where we also started the evening and sip on yummy drinks in a more relaxed environment. 
because i was craving a good friend´s night out and didn´t want to stress myself with taking photos all the time, i decided to take the evening off from blogging and left my camera at home. but if you want to see some pics of the night, head over to mangoblüte´s blog, she has some really good impression pics of the night. but at least you can see here what i was wearing for the store opening:

these are the pics that we took during the evening (wanna see more? follow me also on instagram KETCHEMBUNNIES):
pants/jacket: zara
shoes: dune (similar here)
fur collar: vintage (similar here)
white blouse: h&m (similar here)
bag: louis vuitton

cold nights, warm fur

for the end of this week i wanted to give you guys a break from the barcelona related posts and show you one of my last outfits. i am so happy that i finally found a fake fur vest for those cold autumn nights. it´s warm and cozy and adds that little extra to every outfit. just like those leather pants that you have already seen here and here, i´m sure that the vest will be a steady companion through the cold season. as for the silk blouse, i love love love the blurred dots and the texture (also very appropriate for work, i´m wearing it today!). the shoes are the most beautiful loafers i have seen so far and am totally in love BUT i made a mistake and bought them one size too small – now they hurt like hell and i´m hoping that they will get bigger with time – any tips on how to make them bigger real fast? 
i need your help on this guys!!! 
(thank you vicky for taking these pics and finding the perfect lighting)

pants: pimkie (very similar here)
bag: zara
shoes: zara (similar here)
blouse: zara
fake fur vest: pull & bear (similar here)

shopping ❤ (loves) barcelona

of course i had to go shopping while i was in spain and zara was my top destination.
i tried not to shop too much the last month because i knew that everything is much cheaper in barcelona – and with cheaper i mean 30 – 40 %! i bought an amazing parka with furry leo lining which cost me 79 € – in austria you get it for 119 €! over all i´m pretty happy with the stuff i got, because none of the things were impulsive buys and i really “needed” all of it – or at least didn´t have similar pieces hanging in my closet yet.
the one thing i´m the happiest with are definitely the shoes – i wanted to get them for so long now, but 70 € (in austria) just seemed too much and now i got them for 49 € which is a really really good price – yaaay!
and naturally, i had to wear my new stuff right after i got it:
Dotted Blouse: Zara

Checked, studded blouse and coated skinny pants: Zara
Parka with furry lining: Zara Trf
Studded sweater: Zara (Men´s department)

Furry vest: Pull & Bear

Studded slippers: Zara

a spanish night out(fit)

some of you might have guessed correctly where i spent the past few days: BARCELONA. i can tell you right away, it was simply amazing – one of the best vacations i ever had. i fell in love with this city the second i stepped out of the plane and smelled the warm, mediterranean air, not at least because it was freezingly cold in vienna when we left. i will tell you all about our trip in the next few posts! but to start off with my stories about barca i want to show you the outfit i was wearing for our first night out on thursday – summerly, right? well, that´s because it really is kind of summer in barcelona still…sigh, how bad i want to go back right now!

blazer: zara
skirt: topshop
blouse: h&m
bag: louis vuitton
shoes: dune
belt: warehouse via asos
watch: michael kors