a spanish night out(fit)

some of you might have guessed correctly where i spent the past few days: BARCELONA. i can tell you right away, it was simply amazing – one of the best vacations i ever had. i fell in love with this city the second i stepped out of the plane and smelled the warm, mediterranean air, not at least because it was freezingly cold in vienna when we left. i will tell you all about our trip in the next few posts! but to start off with my stories about barca i want to show you the outfit i was wearing for our first night out on thursday – summerly, right? well, that´s because it really is kind of summer in barcelona still…sigh, how bad i want to go back right now!

blazer: zara
skirt: topshop
blouse: h&m
bag: louis vuitton
shoes: dune
belt: warehouse via asos
watch: michael kors

pattern mix – everything mix

guys, please excuse my absence this past week but my days have been super super busy. at work we have reached the high season of business and also hosted a party last week that had to be organized, i was travelling back and forth between vienna, salzburg and carinthia, tried to squeeze in my precious girls nights and kept the household in good nick because my family and my boyfriend are coming to town today. why? you will find out very soon! as we are speaking of girls night outs and boyfriends, yesterday it was my turn to host our little get-together with judith and vicky. we ordered an exorbitant amount of sushi and wanted to watch austrian extreme sportsman felix baumgartner jumping down from the universe – i think we all know how that went down, poor felix 🙁 but we didn´t let this little disappointment ruin our night and so we were able to fully concentrate on our sushi without any distractions, which led to a massive food overdose and three pigged out girls. vicky was (like always these past few weeks) kind enough to take those pics of me before we started with our asian feast. the weather in vienna took a turn to the cold side, so you really have to wrap up in several layers of clothes – we call that “zwiebelsystem” in austria and i´m a big fan! 
to come to an end with this post, i just wanted to say that i was right about those leather skinnies – i have a good feeling that they will be a permanent companion in this cold season. how do you like my new shoes btw? i´ve completely fallen in love with them!

jacket/vest: zara (old, similar here and here)
shirt: topshop (get here)
leather skinnies: pimkie
shoes/belt: asos (get here and here)
bag: zara (get here)
scarf: maison scotch 

get cozy.

a few days ago i met up with vicky after work – we went for a walk through a park near my apartment, took some photos there (thanks so much sweety), got some sushi to take-away and spent the rest of the evening on my huge and cozy couch. since i work in a job where i have to dress very offical and also was sick last week, i really felt like throwing on something super comfortable for the night. so i cuddled up in my thick, oversized sweater and big scarf and felt better right away.

jumper/blouse: h&m
pants/scarf/bag: zara
shoes: no name (old)


cozy, girly outfit for a dinner with special people – vicky´s little sister moved to town! every single piece of what i´m wearing is a favorite of mine, but the leo pants are simply one of the best things i bought this last year and the ways to combine them are endless. paired them with a light pink blazer and i was good to go!
thank you so much guys for the awesome time i got to spend with you.
pants: mango 
blouse/scarf: h&m
clutch: lookbookstore
necklace/shoes: forever 21

and here is the pic that i took right before i left:

in celebration colors.

on tuesday, we celebrated the birthday of our good friend judith, whom i grew very close with over the last couple of months. she is just such a warm, independent and caring person and i´m very thankful for everything that she has done for me since i moved to vienna. judith celebrated her special day by inviting a couple of friends over to her place and prepared the yummiest snacks and drinks. we had a really nice evening at her apartment but somehow i felt so incredibly tired the whole time and now i now the reason why – i´m lying in bed right now having a cold. enough of the whining, let´s move on to the outfit.
i really wanted to wear my new glitter flats from forever 21 and paired them with my glittery sequin clutch and a sheer chiffon blouse with ruffles on the front. to dress the whole look down a little bit, i then decided on two denim pieces – red jeans and a short denim jacket. 
(as always, thank you so much vicky for these pics)

glitter flats: forever 21 (very similar here)
sequin clutch: lookbookstore (similar here)
red denim pants, chiffon blouse: zara (similar here and here)