Happily Grey

This cardigan was one of my favorite pieces throughout winter, and now with warmer temperatures, it just makes for the perfect wrap on windy spring days. Only, the color reminds me a bit too much of those grey, dark and cold days where I wished for some rays of sun, so I think this might have been the last time that I´ve worn this cardigan – until the next cold season. Also, I have to tell you how much I love those studded shorts, and of course I have to thank Mrs. Superstylish aka my bestie Dani (follow her on Instagram here) for those Ragged Priest studded shorts made of vintage Levis jeans – aren´t they just amazing???
As always, thanks to my very own professional blog photographer Vicky for the pictures 😉

Cardigan/Bag: H&M
Shorts: Ragged Priest
Glasses: Ray Ban
Necklace: vintage
Boots: New Yorker
And a closer look at the details:

Celine and I

Finally, Vicky and I´ve come around to take some new outfit pictures yesterday – and now with spring (hopefully) right around the corner, the light is coming back as well and was just perfect for shooting even after work.

Those of you that are following me on Instagram have already seen my favorite new blazer a couple of times, I think this will be my “it piece” for 2013, just adds so much style to every boring outfit! The Céline shirt is also one of my favorite basics and the neon necklace was a gift from one of my besties, Dani.

Now I´m off for the weekend, which is highly needed after some crazy days again.

Blazer/Necklace/Jeans: Zara
Shirt: Etsy
Boots: New Yorker
Bag: Primark

Neo(n) Hippie

If there is any piece of clothing out there I would really spend a lot of money for, it has to be something made of cashmere. It´s super soft fabric and deluxe feeling when wearing it is really worth the cost.

So you can imagine my happiness when the lovely people of Headhunter sent over this cashmere scarf (thanks so much again!). To me, this is pure perfection. I loooove the neon peace signs in combination with the off white, it just makes every outfit so much cooler. I want to wear this scarf all year long and I think I will because it makes for a perfect wrap on long summer nights as well as it keeps you really warm in winter. Paired with a classic white blouse and jeans, this is a winning combination. I already posted some pics of the scarf on my insta feed, check them out here.

Scarf: Headhunter 
Blouse: Denny Rose (old, similar here)
Jeans: Zara (similar here)
Coat: Zara (really similar here)
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Boots: Timberland

Hello there, gorgeous!

And NO, by gorgeous I don´t mean myself in this case – look at this beauty that I ordered from Zalando two weeks ago! It´s almost certain that you will get to see a lot of it in future posts because it´s just the perfect size and color, especially now with spring ahead of us, and of course for going out as well, which I´m planning on doing a lot over the next time 🙂

Those pics were taken at Museums Quartier right after work because Vicky and I wanted to take some pictures at natural daylight finally again and not in front of some shop window to catch some light, like we did in almost all our winter outfit posts 🙂

Bag: Michael Kors via Zalando
Watch: Michael Kors
Leggings/Sweater: Zara
Boots: from Italy, brand unknown

A bit more cozy

This is an outfit I wore last week when we all (I also like to say “the Gang” even though we are not very “gangish” at all haha) met up at Vicky´s place to eat Sushi and watch the Opernball together.

In a complete contrast to the elegant gowns on the television, I wanted to dress up as cozy as I could for my TV night with my best friends (and boyfriends, this time they were all invited – how kind of us, right?), so this is how it turned out. Vicky was nice enough to snap some photos between Sushi and the start of the Opernball, thanks honey!
I am completely and utterly smitten by my new, neon pink, super soft sweater from Zara – it was one of the last sale pieces and I snatched it for only 14 €, same goes for the black beanie, 6 € – can you imagine how happy I was? And please excuse my tired looks but it was a long working day that Thursday, which was also the reason why I felt like wearing something super comfy!

Beanie, Sweater, Coat, Pants: Zara
Shoes: New Yorker (old)
Watch: Michael Kors