how to…recycle an old candle.

today i want to show you guys some crafty stuff – how to recycle an old, burned down candle and save a lot of money instead of buying expensive perfumed candles. just make your own! so here is what you will need for this SUPER EASY DIY!
1. some wick (shouldn´t be too short, i bought 4 about 12 cm wicks)
2. preserving jar, water glass, metal bin or any other container for your new candles (i got these cute jar glasses from butlers)
3. scented oil (you get it at any regular drugstore, i chose spruce and lemongrass as flavors)
4. either an old candle that you want to recycle or some new, big and cheap ones that you want to convert into perfumed candles

 i started by chopping my big old candle into pieces.
the bottom of the originally white candle turned grey because of the smut but i really liked that and decided to make three candle tones: grey, white and a mixture of both.
i melted my candle by putting a metal bowl into a bigger pot with boiling water. my recommendation is to take a bowl that you won´t be using much after that because it´s really hard to get it clean again.
when the wax has melted, add a scent of your choice – don´t be afraid of using too much, the scent easily evaporates because of the heat.

in the meantime, cut your wick to the desired length. don´t cut it too short, you will need the length while the candle is hardening. 
when the wax has fully melted, fill it into your containers. after that, add some scent again and repeat it a few times during the hardening process. as for the wick, fix it to a wooden stick with scotch tape or something similar, otherwise you will be standing in front of the candle for an hour, holding the wick straight while the candle is hardening.

i repeated the steps above for each „color“ and waited for an hour or so.
be very carefull with filling in the hot wax and do it rather slowly so that the glass won´t break because of the heat.

finish! this is how my candles turned out!
i think this is also a perfect, personal gift – will definitely do this again and try out other scents and bins.
now you can go ahead and have fun making your own scented candles!

Ikat Dreams

now i finally understand what people mean when they say: you are never done with furbishing an apartment.
it´s so true, everytime i think i´m fully equipped and done with decorating or moving things around i find some places in my home where i could still fit in a mirror, painting, a tray or vase or other decorative elements.
these items are on my wishlist right now – i discovered this amazing online store called CWonderstore.
they have basically everything one could wish for with ikat prints or other cute designs.
the gold athena leaf tray (this one is from Vanillawood actually) is perfect for holding jewellery or displaying other items as well as the ceramic plate with the giraffe (they also have that one with other animals).
also, one can never go wrong with some candles like this one from diptyque. 
note cards are cute for dinner invitations (place cards) or for a quick note added to a present.
now here´s the bad news – i fell in love with most of the stuff from CWonderstore only to find out that they are not shipping to austria.
bad for me, good for you guys who live in america! but at least i can get the gold leaf tray 🙂
but i will go on a hunt to find at least some similar items that are available in austria as well!
additionally, i highly to recommend these stores to you:
Design Darling (for decorative objects)
Muji or The Container Store (for acrylic storage)
The Party Fairy (for party accessories)
Jonathan Adler (for trays)
A Modern Style (for monogrammed chevron home decor)
Society Social (for great vintage bar carts)
Annechovie (for prints and jar matches)

1.,2.,4.,5.,6.,8. via C Wonderstore

kiss from a rose

i was very inspired by anna´s  post about her putting flowers everywhere around her apartment to pretty up her space. fresh flowers are something that i wanted to get since i moved in but somehow never managed to actually do it – but now i did and am so happy about the fresh smell in every room and the nice look the instantly provide. so now my plan is to buy fresh flowers at least twice a month – the simplest and most beautiful way to redecorate a flat on a regular basis.

how to…store jewellery

as of now i don´t have much space for my accessories, bags, jewellery and nailpolish in our recent apartment, but thanks to glossybox i can store my things in the very cute boxes the products get delivered in. also, we made our own storage shelf (DIY – BEST PROJECT EVER). as you can see in one of the pictures, we made a „closet“ out of old wine boxes. looks very stylish, creates much space and is not very hard to make (also, really inexpensive – only thing is you have to drink loooots of wine to get that many empty boxes).

the good news although are that i will be moving in a new apartment very soon, therefore the focus for interior design will be on creating as much storage space for me and my bf as possible.


home is where the heart is.

so guys, here is what i wanted to tell you and already mentioned last post.
some of you who are following me on pinterest might have noticed i started pinning onto a new board.

i got promoted in my job two weeks ago, therefore i have to move to vienna somewhat around june.
i am super excited – about my new job, the new challenges ahead of me and for a whole new lifestyle.
also i´m so glad because my babe is coming with me – YAY 
(even if he´s joining me only 8 months later, but the main point is he´s coming)!!!!
vienna is a great city and i will have a lot more stuff to do and blog about then in little salzburg – don´t get me wrong, i love my city to death and will definitely come back sometime, but for now it´s time for a change.
so i´m busy looking for apartments in vienna, which is quite difficult handling from salzburg.
my mind is overflowing with ideas on how to style our new home (that we haven´t even found yet) and i´m thinking of a light place with natural, clean materials and and an elegant, grown-up but cosy atmosphere. getting the idea of it? here you see the products that are really important for me and that i definitely want to purchase.
i want to get a mix of glass, chrome and wood – these are materials that are perfect for mixing and also they leave room for colored, fun accessories like fresh flowers, pillows, magazines, trays, plates, candles etc….

where i get many inspirations is the everygirl, which i saw the first time on bikinis & passports (one of my favorite blogs btw).
they offer solutions on how to style coffee tables, entry ways or how to set tables for dinners with friends – among lots of other cool stuff of course.
then, the best decorating and interior design store of all times is kare – love it so much and planning on buying a lot for our apartment there. they have so many lovely things and cover so many styles, from vintage to modern to über-stylish.

also i joined the daily newsletter where they send 8 design pieces (mostly home decoration but other cool stuff as well) that you can purchase for a lower price in a certain amount of time, so i get some ideas from there too.
i will keep you guys updated on new inspirations for sure!