yesterday i went out to a belated birthday celebration to the restaurant of our choice – maier´s in salzburg. it belongs to the parents of my good friend who is living in new york right now (see blog post here). sporting a high ponytail and leo blouse yesterday, feeling like a cheerleader from the 80s or something. 
had lots of fun, drank lots of red wine. 

trousers: guess
blouse/blazer/shoes: zara
necklace/bag: h&m

best day of the year.

yesterday was my favorite day of the year by far – for me, 1st of may is better than christmas, easter or my birthday.
all the people who gather in traditional, colorful costumes (dirndl and lederhose) for one day to celebrate, drink lots of beer and eat pretzels make me so happy that i get all nervous and sqirrely and prepare for that day like it´s prom.
reminds me of a countryside version of coachella, actually.
for those who don´t know this austrian tradition – 1st of may is national holiday in austria and the whole country celebrates in different ways, but mainly it´s about erecting “maibäume” (and that´s nothing else than a huge wooden pole with a little decoration on it) and they have pretzels and sausages hanging on them. the main part of the celebration is about raising the pole and then some really courageous young men try to climb up and get the pretzels and sausages.

a local newspaper took a picture of me and my girlfriends (i´m the only one who didn´t manage to look normal and my face looks like i´m hurting or something. that figures.):

ok, while writing down what´s that party all about, i realize it must sound really stupid to people who aren´t familiar with this tradition – but trust me, it´s worth going.

btw – that´s not my traditional “dirndl”, this is only the one i have for partying when it doesn´t matter if it gets spilled on or something. also, normally people wear a white blouse underneath a dirndl. well yeah, i´m different.


sushi DIY

yesterday we decided to try and make sushi on our own because we really love sushi and wanted to be creative. 
 i have to say it´s not hard to make at all and i´m really proud of the outcome:

but there are a few things you have to know when you want to do it yourself:
1. buy real sushi rice (you get that in almost every bigger supermarket, i got mine in an asian shop)
2. cook the rice – but not too long, it will get very paste-like if you do. 
general rule for rice cooking: for every cup of rice (1 per person) two cups of water, cook it until all soaks in.
3. flavor the cooked rice with salt, sugar and rice wine vinegar – try out how much you would like.
4. then don´t be impatient – wait until the rice has cooled out.
5. wet your hands entirely so that it won´t stick as much on your fingers.
6. start filling the nori (black sea stuff) with rice (not too much) and start putting your ingredients on one side – then start rolling!
7. be creative – you can fill or top sushi with almost everything as you can see on the picture above (classics are tuna, salmon, avocado, butterfish, spinage etc.)
over all, we had a really nice dinner with fresh strawberry cream and sushi and of course we couldn´t miss out on the spring rolls, which we didn´t diy btw 🙂

table setting with fortune cookie.
ingredients: strawberry, kiwi, avocado, salmon

filling the nori with rice.

spring rolls – delish.
babe cutting.
looking tired and creepy at its best – doesn´t matter, this post is about food anyways.
i loooooove roasted corn with salt, so yummy!


emil meets madison.

OK, this is going to be the last budapest post for now!
a very nice colleague of mine showed me two amazing places yesterday where i also got myself some goodies to take home.
first i want to show you the gerbeaud house, an amazing confectionary at vörösmarty tér with a really nice café (i had the best caramel-chocolate cake there), with viennese styled interior!
and (tam tam tam) i got my first macarons there!!! they look so sweet, taste like a sugar cloud and the gerbeaud packages will be recycled into jewellery boxes!

image via gerbeaud


and next i want to present to you “madison“, a very special place. it is definitely the most beautiful perfume shop i have ever been to. located at the famous “andrássy út” they redesigned an old pharmacy into this impressing store. i also got myself a candle there that smells delicious! if you are ever in budapest, you should make a small detour to madison for sure.

2 trousers i got at west end, a jeans (super super skinny) from pull&bear and silky trousers from mango with a white and black leo print.

staying in.

this weekend was so nice and relaxing for us. friday i went for some drinks with my friend and yesterday we went shopping (see last post). in  the evening, my babe and i stayed in, ordered some amazing sushi (which would have been enough for at least 4 people) and watched some dvd´s. today was more or less the same, so my outfit was only something really simple – without any accessories or anything, but nice enough to go for a coffee at my grandparents house.

first time driving with my rooftop open, yay!!!

really good olive oil at the italian restaurant we had lunch at yesterday
best lunch ever: warm bread salad with prosciutto crudo, rocket, sun-dried pickled tomatoes, olives, avocado and parmesan! it´s a quick lunch to do at home as well – just roast the ciabatta bread, insert the rest of the ingredients and warm up everything a little – and there you go! 
sushi party set 🙂

wish you all a nice sunday evening!
p.s. off to budapest tomorrow, be sure to stay updated!