Valentine´s Day and Night

for today´s valentine: be the sweetest gift yourself with these two valentine outfits – day and night edition.
click here to see full outfits and prices.
 happy valentine! 

 Alexander McQueen: Scarf
Wildfox: Bracelet
Bag ´n´ Noun: Bag
Michelle Oh: Gold Encrusted Ring and Diamond Quarry Ring
Ralph Lauren: Jeans
Miriam Ocariz: Chiffon blouse

Alexander McQueen: Cocktaildress
A I Wear: Scarf
Asos: Crystal Owl Earrings
Guiseppe Zanotti: Sandals
Azyra: Pearl Bag

the big O

if there is any designer who is able to create THE PERFECT DRESS, it´s oscar de la renta (or elie saab, maybe). a while ago i came across this picture via OSCAR PR GIRL:

ever since then i can´t stop dreaming about this dress from the 2006 spring collection and other amazing creations from the big O. oooooh oscar!

pictures via here, here and here.

fashion tags.

everytime i read a magazine, i take plenty of pictures of things i want to purchase later so i don´t forget them. here are some of my inspirations and future-things-to-buy, from nailpolish to jewelry i basically want to buy everything, but most of all i take pictures of cosmetics!

do you know these products or do you have any experience with it? tell me what you think about them and what is on your wishlist right now!

check! use it since 3 months and totally love it!

still on wish list, but i am pretty happy with my current foundation, esteé lauder´s double stay!

got the cheaper version – anny´s rockstar babe!

check! i consider rouge volupté a steady companion of mine.

i think this would look sooo cute with a white shirt and jeans

check! got the charm for my birthday from my bf

i think this is such a cool and extravagant idea!
this was on my wishlist forever, i hope to get it soon!

monday micro blog

since there are still so many pictures on my phone that i want to show you, i decided that every monday i will do a micro blog of photos. today – micro blogging outfit time. just click on the pictures for a bigger view.

(f.l.t.r: (1) summer day – outfit for lunch with a friend (2) bracelets: nakamol, tiffany, h&m (3) bag: zara, charm: anne-marie herckes (4) ready for a girls night out (4) typical austrian “dirndl”, worn with boots (5) college style (6) ready to explore cold prague (7) outfit for a school party of my little brother (8) new dsquared sunglasses

over the top

it was such a beautiful weekend in austria, if you don´t mind it having – 20°C!
we went snowboarding and came back frozen as snowmen, so we spent the rest of the weekend defrosting.
but since it was such a nice day in salzburg, we went up to the “gaisberg”, which is a local mountain, and dared to go outside again – it was definitely worth it! just click on the pictures for a bigger view.