views from budapest.

today afternoon i got to budapest and managed to take a few snapshots! as far as i can say right now, budapest is a beautiful city but it´s a lot different from what i´m used to in austria – but i still have 2 more days here and i definitely want to check out the biggest shopping centre in europe with 400 shops, west end city center or one of the newer ones in the heart of the city!


staying in.

this weekend was so nice and relaxing for us. friday i went for some drinks with my friend and yesterday we went shopping (see last post). in  the evening, my babe and i stayed in, ordered some amazing sushi (which would have been enough for at least 4 people) and watched some dvd´s. today was more or less the same, so my outfit was only something really simple – without any accessories or anything, but nice enough to go for a coffee at my grandparents house.

first time driving with my rooftop open, yay!!!

really good olive oil at the italian restaurant we had lunch at yesterday
best lunch ever: warm bread salad with prosciutto crudo, rocket, sun-dried pickled tomatoes, olives, avocado and parmesan! it´s a quick lunch to do at home as well – just roast the ciabatta bread, insert the rest of the ingredients and warm up everything a little – and there you go! 
sushi party set 🙂

wish you all a nice sunday evening!
p.s. off to budapest tomorrow, be sure to stay updated!


today, my friend and i went shopping a little (without success btw) and here is what i (we) wore.

beautiful photographer, wearing wildfox and zara

lace blazer: zara
t-shirt: zara
belt: guess
trousers: guess

purchase – close up

these are some of my last purchases of the month february, but there are still a few items missing in those pictures because i had them in laundry when i took the photos 🙁
but still:
pink blouse from h&m – it gives you a happy spring feeling!

lace shorts – zara 
 close up on the material:

plissée skirt, zara

sunglasses – dsquared, belt and scarf – zara

2 “pliage” bags from longchamp in nice summer colours – love them so much!

dark red trousers from zara (but the true color looks way different than on the picture, in reality it´s more of a red wine color)

see-through, silky shirt from h&m (looks good with a black bra underneath, or – if you are less daring – with a black tube top)

peachy top, zara

nailpolish – anny (gifted from my lovely babe), scarf with lace – h&m

i´m missing a few tops, necklaces and blazers here – but you see, february was a pretty good month shopping wise 🙂
next month i will try to cover up some items from my wishlist!

feb/fab glossy.

this whole week i´ve been waiting, nervous like a little child, calling my mom every two minutes: mommy, has my glossybox arrived yet??? 
she never came until today – YESSS (i thought), i came home and there she was. lying patiently around, looking cute and waiting for me.

this time, the package was more of a subtle princess pink and not as strong as last time.
like a little bonbon and i liked it. (see glossybox of january here)
unwrapping, i was curious if i might have the same stuff inside as i had seen on other blogs that got the box before me this time.

so what was inside this time?
first, a compact eyeshadow in a nice grey from cosline, a for me unknown brand.
but it is a nice color and fits my other shades so i will definitely use it.
the texture is very creamy so it should be easy to handle.

then a mask from swiss haircare for weak and thin hair – just perfect for me, i always have problems with the volume of my hair, after 2 hours it looks like spaghetti!

a new hairspray in a compact size from l´oréal, perfect for my handbag!

closer look at the eyeshadow 
 an issey miyake scent, also in a nice size and smells very good – comes in handy when you want to refresh yourself in summer. 

and last not least a nailpolish from the brand jessica in a nice pink, and that´s a shade i didn´t own yet – so that was a really nice surprise!
overall i am again pretty happy with my glossybox of february 2012 and can´t wait for the next one!
i am pleased with all the products but i really like the swiss haircare and the nailpolish in this nice colour! also, my daily make up routine consists of shades of grey, so the cosline shadow stick fits me very well!
what was in your fabulous glossybox of february?