missing summer.

normally i don´t do two posts in one day – but sitting around in cold prague (not that it would be any warmer in austria, but still) makes me miss summer even more – i want to be somewhere where the sun shines, where it´s warm and i have a cold drink in my hand (no, i´m not talking about fanta) asap 

looking through inspirational pictures on pinterest does the rest – suggestions for a perfect holiday anyone?
meanwhile we can all look at the collage i created and dream about warmer days…

praha again.

i´m in prague again for work, still sick and alone and was thinking about something to show you guys, since i´m still not really in the mood for taking pictures and going outside.
so i thought i could show you the rest of the photos i took while i was in prague the last time.

it was in october, together with my babe, see my first blog post about that here.

looking like a little child in this one

sick in innsbruck.

this weekend i spent in innsbruck which is a small town in austria – it was a gift of mine for my mums birthday! we had two amazing days there, but since i was sick the whole time i didn´t feel like taking pictures (or being in one actually).
so this is the only picture i can show you, taken right before we left:

jeans: pull and bear, sweater: h&m, necklace: h&m, watch: michael kors

we stayed at this hotel, right in the middle of innsbruck (they have AMAZING breakfast and a great bar at the top floor there):

picture via the penz

for dinner we weren´t sure where to go but ended up here (bar and restaurant sitzwohl):

picture via here
i can only recommend both places, but the restaurant sitzwohl has really high prices, so if you don´t want to spend a lot of money for your dinner you should go somewhere else – other than that, the food and service there was great!


as you now, i have a weakness for taking pictures of things i see in magazines and find worthy 
enough to remember. (see last post here)
so here are the latest snapshots of items i saw while being on the train to budapest:
1. lovely codello scarf    2. statement necklace, topshop   3. vionnet earrings (see post below)  4. mexican dress, asos

1. eyeshadow duo, ysl   2. liquid eye liner, l´oréal
1. minx silver nail wrap   2. barry m croc effect   3. inspiration   4. mexican style   5. glitter
1. home decor inspirations   2. japanese music   3.camera chain via collette.fr    4. artsation – buy art online    5. book about travelling
with dita, it´s the same like with the chanel bag: there´s nothing more to say tha: it´s dita!