back from paradise.

please excuse my lack of posts this last week but i just got back from a wonderful vacation with my love. we spent the last week basically doing nothing but relax and enjoy our beautiful surrounding of the hillside su hotel in antalya. 
i´m so excited to show you guys some more pics and tell you more about our holiday over the next few days. now – unpacking!

how to – the easy steak.

my babe is a real men´s man and very often craves a good portion of meat for dinner. 
i wanna show you a very easy, not too unhealthy, yummy and fast way of satisfiying your man´s needs.

simple as that – go to the supermarket, get some help of the ladies or gentlemen there who will help you pick out the best part of meat, take all vegetables that you have/want and follow those simple steps:


yesterday i met up with my dear friend sonja directly after work so i just put on some stuff i got 30 minutes before at zara and h&m. please excuse my very tired face but as i mentioned, we took those pics right after work and i didn´t really have time to put some new make-up on!
i love that i finally got a maxi skirt because i was looking for one so long, also i´m really starting to dig the whole neon-thing
(i now this comes a little late). 
reason i went shopping: we are going on vacay on saturday and i wanted to add some summery stuff to my wardrobe. i love the fabric of the skirt, it´s light and dark as a shadow and gives me a batman kind of feeling!

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insta love #5


the last weeks have been crazy busy (i´m afraid this will be a lasting state).
see what i was up to in my instagram photos.
mainly i was working, working out, working on my party outfits, working on my apartment which is still not fully furbished and decorated, working on my body and health condition and working on getting me some gifts for my upcoming birthday.
see a pattern here?