Im Osten nichts neues – oder doch?

Ich habe mir, seitdem wir mit The Daily Dose gestartet haben, so einige Gedanken gemacht, wie es mit meinem Blog weitergehen soll. Brauche ich wirklich – neben einem Vollzeitjob unter Tags – zwei Plattformen auf denen ich auf Englisch Beiträge über Blumen, Essen und Mode verfasse? Wieviel Sinn steckt noch in meinem eigenen Blog und wieviel davon ist reine Belastung? Meine Entscheidung ist gefällt und ich werde hiermit einen neuen Weg einschlagen (füge Dramatik hier ein), diesen Blog zu meinem Psycho-Outlet machen und meine Gedankenkotze bei euch abladen. Klingt arg? Ist es aber nicht. In Zukunft könnt ihr hier alles lesen, was mich beschäftigt, verärgert, was mit The Daily Dose passiert, was mich traurig macht und was mir Freude bereitet. Und zwar auf Deutsch. Ist ja immerhin auch meine Muttersprache.
(An dieser Stelle möchten wir uns gern von unseren Zuschauern in den englischsprachigen Ländern verabschieden.)
Ich hoffe, dass euch diese Entscheidung genauso viel Freude bereiten wird wie mir!
(An dieser Stelle möchten wir uns gern von den Zuschauern reiner Modeblogs verabschieden.)
Da es in meinem Leben genug Reibungspunkte gibt (Überraschung! Mein Leben besteht nicht nur aus Pfingstrosen und weißen Blazern.) und ich ziemlich strikte Standpunkte zu allen möglichen, mehr oder weniger wichtigen Dingen des Lebens vertrete, wird es genug von meiner bescheidenen Meinung zu lesen geben – so viel kann ich euch versprechen!

We’re live!

Most of you may have already seen that The Daily Dose finally went live. I couldn’t be happier about the reactions and the feedback we got since yesterday and it really warms my heart to see how much people actually love our site. I’m more than excited for everything that’s coming our way and hope I can count on you all to support us like you always did! To get an idea of what you can expect from The Daily Dose, watch the video that wonderful Madeleine Alizadeh created while doing the photoshoot for our About section and the launch post. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think about our new project!

BIG NEWS: The Daily Dose

A while ago, I wrote a blogpost about the lack of time for my blog and some big changes that would come up in my life and I also promised to fill you in the news when I was ready to share my secret. And NO, I´m not getting married and NO I´m not pregnant – but to me, it´s way better than that (at least for now 🙂 )!
But let me start at the beginning. It began on some snowy, depressing day in February, where a few incidents happened at the same time and basically led me to where I´m now: I was searching the Internet in the hope to find something inspiring, or just something I could shop that would make me happy (wow, could I sound any more superficial?) but everything I found and liked was from somewhere where shipping would cost a ton and everything else inspiring was also somehow related to USA or Australia, but surely not to somewhere in Europe. I saw some nice websites, some nice recipes, some nice interior tips, some nice outfit inspiration, but really couldn´t use ANYTHING of it all. Frustrated like I was, I sent Vicky a picture of a really nice post that somebody in (of course) America created and wrote her: you know, we could just do that ourselves as well! 
Little did I know that Vicky would take my words that seriously, because litterally on the next day, we sat together in her livingroom, brainstorming and figuring out how to start our own project as an online resource for a beautiful daily living tips, whereas the fastest thing we came up with was the name: 
The Daily Dose

I don´t want to give too much away already, but here is what you´re signing up to if you decide to follow us on our next step:

“A life & style guide for young, driven women who appreciate all things beautiful in life. Made by girls for girls, The Daily Dose will bring you plenty of inspiration for all aspects of life! We show you how to add sparkle to your daily routine regarding anything from unique interior design ideas to delicious cocktail recipes and creating your perfect wardrobe!”


So, what has happened since February? We hired a designer, invested quite some money, spent hours and hours of creating our site, prepared lots of content for you guys, got more and more excited and now we´re almost at the finish line and are planning to launch the site in about a week from now (OMG!).
What you can already do before the launch is to sign up to the newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and be the first to know when we´re live!


Besides being excited about this project and somehow fulfilling a dream, I´m so happy to have an amazing partner like Vicky, without whom this would have never been possible, and the safety of having all of you out there who have my back – thank you for taking this journey with me!
(amazing photos by the amazing Madeleine Alizadeh)