Holiday report – our hotel

As you may know if you followed me on Instagram for the last week, me and the boyfriend have been on quite the vacation! Lucky us found a dynamite offer back in January (I won´t even tell you how much we paid for flight, transfer, luxury suite with private pool, half board package – but let me just tell you, my new bag is worth more than that!!!) so we booked our holiday this year the second we came across it.
I wanted to go to Greece since last year because I love it and have been there a couple of times with my parents when I was a child, so the Doubletree by Hilton – Kos/Helona seemed like the best choice we could make at that time.
The resort is huge and I loved the bungalow style of the houses, where every house has it´s own pool and the rooms that are located on the ground floor with private terraces/entrance to their pool can use it instead of the big community pool.
I got some questions on Instagram wether the beach was sandy or with stones – it was a really quiet sand beach with crystal clear water.
What I didn´t love so much was the food, but maybe I´m a bit picky because I work in a hotel myself – I just got bored after eating the same food over and over again, so we went out to some nearby restaurants a couple of times.
I can really recommend the hotel and the people are so friendly there, but it depends on what your holiday mission is – if you´re seeking some relaxation, this one is perfect for you, but if you are more of a party tiger, I´d recommend you to book a hotel somewhere closer to Kos city, which is about 30 minutes away by car.
And some more pics from my Instagram feed:

Weekend Wear

This weekend really was a great one for me – I feel like it was the perfect mixture of decorating and cleaning the apartment (I love to start a weekend off with cleaning, makes me feel so efficient), spending time with my babe as well as having fun with my girlies, whom I had drinks with on Saturday evening and brunch on Sunday morning. We went to Rochus 1090 and I loved the atmosphere there, I´d totally recommend it for brunch, particularly for a hangover because they serve breakfast until 11 PM.
For Saturday afternoon, when I was finally done with all the cleaning up, it was most important for me to throw on something suuuper comfy, and in that case my leo pants and a thick jumper are always my first pick.
Hope you had a lovely weekend as well!
Pants: Mango (old, similar here, here or here)
Jumper: Zara (similar here)
Shoes: Zara (old, similar here)
Bag: Michael Kors via Zalando
Glasses: Ray Ban “Erika”
Some more weekend pics from my Instagram feed:
Finally relaxation time:
Wearing my new, silky beige blazer from Mango for drinks on Saturday:

Breakfast on Sunday: