Falabella wishes


Guys, I still can´t believe it – my 25th birthday is coming up. Even though it´s only at the end of July, I can´t stop thinking about it since a few months and somehow it´s pretty tough for me because with this big number ahead of me, I realized that time doesn´t stop and wait till I´ve figured out my life and dreams. So, to make this birthday a little easier for me, I decided to finally fulfill my dream (after approximately 8 years of waiting and longing for it) and get myself (or rather not buy it myself but to put it on the birthday wishlist and hope that my family will get it for me) a Stella McCartney Falabella Bag. I always wanted the grey, classic big one with one strap, but since Vicky´s got her fold over tote, I fell in love with this size as well and plan to get it in a light grey color. Overall, this whole outfit sums up my birthday wishes pretty much and it makes for a perfect, laid back summer combination with a twist.


Green and Gold

The other night I was invited to the Tally Weijl flagship store opening here in Vienna and attended together with my babe and my other babe 🙂 The event was huge and organized perfectly from magicians to P´trique to Pixie Geldof who had a special DJ appearance – I loved it all and we had a blast. It was one of the first real warm nights in Vienna, so I finally felt ready to put on some sandals and lighter colors. I just love the green of my shirt, so bright and perfect for summer! In addition, green and gold is always a winning combination in my eyes – colors of money hrhr 🙂
Shirt, Pants: Zara
Sandals: Topshop (old, similar here, here and here)
Clutch: Lookbook Store (on Ebay)
Glasses: Ray Ban (Erika)
Crab Brooch: Fleamarket Finding
Aaaaand here are some more pics of us:

Flea market findings: Crystal Glasses

For as long as I´m in Vienna, I always wanted to visit the big fleamarket that´s part of the Naschmarkt every Saturday, but I got told that I had to be there pretty early to get some of the good stuff – and by early, I mean between 7 and 8 AM. That sounded way too cruel for me to get up that early on a Saturday for a long time, but I finally managed to do it. So yesterday, I really got up and went there and I have to say, I wasn´t disappointed at all. Of course there is a lot of crap offered as well, but if you look closely, you´ll find some real gems. We´ve spent two hours looking around and I found 4 amaaaaaazing crystal glasses with a gold trimming for 12 €, 4 matching champagne glasses for 5 € and a vintage crab brooch for 10 € (which was kind of a compulsive buy, but I love it anyways).
No matter what you´re looking for, you´re gonna find it at this huge fleamarket, especially when it comes to glassware. Can´t wait to serve some cocktails to my friends in my new crystal glasses!

Summer Shopping Guide

Last year, we went to Turkey for our summer vacation and that was a super last minute decision and also my birthday gift from my babe. This year, we decided to plan a little bit ahead and found a great offer for one week in Greece in June and already booked it back in January. I´m more than excited to go on this trip since I love Greece to death and the hotel is super stylish – I´ll show you some pics before we go. Now, I´m not only in holiday mood already but I also want to shop like it´s summer – I´m sooo over Winter and Spring and ready for the hot season. Those are some of the things that I consider musts for a vacation, and already have the bikini, the sunglasses and the two nailpolishes. Next on the list is definitely the bag – adore Vanessa Bruno, it´s the perfect summer beach bag without looking too sloppy. And HOW gorgeous is the nude dress with the fun embellishment from Topshop? Love it!