An explanation.

First things first. 
No posting since 25 days. But you already know that when my posts start with a picture that has some wise words written to it, a preachment is almost certain to follow.
I´ve been working my ass off lately, travelling around several cities in Europe the past few weeks, never being longer in one place than 2 days in a row, spending my free time partying too hard and now I feel like there is nothing inspirational left inside me that I could share with you all that are waiting to for me to keep going – not even some outfit posts because I´m so exhausted on my evenings that I can´t even change into a fancy outfit.
Also, I feel like I´m on the beginning of some carination and some big, big changes are ahead of me – I´m so excited to take you on that rollercoaster with me, but for now my lips are sealed and you´ll have to wait till I come clean about what´s going to happen. Now I can only tell you, please stick around and wait until times get easier again – unless, nothing worth having comes easy. 

Insta Love #12: Home Tour

Against to what I said earlier, I decided to show you some corners of my apartment, at least in form of some Instagram pics that I took this week. I love my flat and how I decorated it so much that I wanted to share my joy with you guys. I will also do a real home tour with better pics some day, but for now: have fun at my place!

1. Living area
2. Dining area
3. Jewellery storage
4. Print Wall in the making
5. DIY succulent garden
6. Tray decoration