Neo(n) Hippie

If there is any piece of clothing out there I would really spend a lot of money for, it has to be something made of cashmere. It´s super soft fabric and deluxe feeling when wearing it is really worth the cost.

So you can imagine my happiness when the lovely people of Headhunter sent over this cashmere scarf (thanks so much again!). To me, this is pure perfection. I loooove the neon peace signs in combination with the off white, it just makes every outfit so much cooler. I want to wear this scarf all year long and I think I will because it makes for a perfect wrap on long summer nights as well as it keeps you really warm in winter. Paired with a classic white blouse and jeans, this is a winning combination. I already posted some pics of the scarf on my insta feed, check them out here.

Scarf: Headhunter 
Blouse: Denny Rose (old, similar here)
Jeans: Zara (similar here)
Coat: Zara (really similar here)
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Boots: Timberland

Hello there, gorgeous!

And NO, by gorgeous I don´t mean myself in this case – look at this beauty that I ordered from Zalando two weeks ago! It´s almost certain that you will get to see a lot of it in future posts because it´s just the perfect size and color, especially now with spring ahead of us, and of course for going out as well, which I´m planning on doing a lot over the next time 🙂

Those pics were taken at Museums Quartier right after work because Vicky and I wanted to take some pictures at natural daylight finally again and not in front of some shop window to catch some light, like we did in almost all our winter outfit posts 🙂

Bag: Michael Kors via Zalando
Watch: Michael Kors
Leggings/Sweater: Zara
Boots: from Italy, brand unknown

Insta Love #11

It´s been a while since my last Instagram roundup (follow me HERE, my name is Ketchembunnies!)
So what has happened over the past few weeks? 

Babe and I had our two year anniversary, and since we could not spend it together he surprised me with a bouquet of pink tulips (see the picture with the white tray on top of the collage) at the train station the weekend prior to our anniversary – perfect much? 
The pink roses were a gift by a very good friend of mine and he bought them for me during a Saturday night dinner with friends from a rose seller that came into the restaurant. 
Not very classy, I know, but the roses were still beautiful and I wanted to get some fresh flowers that day anyways! 
Some new goodies arrived at my home, first of all the GORGEOUS headhunter scarf, which was a gift – thank you so much again! Can´t wait to shoot this baby for a real outftitpost. Then, the Michael Kors bag I already posted about arrived and it is even more beautiful than on the picture, it´s perfect for spring!
What else was important? My bestie Vicky celebrated her 24th birthday in style, we spent her special night at her home sipping on aperitifs and moved to Motto for dinner. The same day, I attended the Modebloggerflohmarkt and it was a big success, I got rid of almost all my stuff and I think I made some girls very happy that day – hint: Steve Madden and Longchamp along some other great findings of my closet.
Other than that nothing special, I visited home and my little puppy which is growing too fast, I´m falling in love with my apartment more and more each day and I´m trying to get fit for spring and eat healthy things.
Hopefully you had some great weeks as well!

The Vienna Experience. Shanghai Tan

pic via Shanghai Tan
Here we go, another round of the Vienna Experience. Shanghai Tan is an Asian restaurant in Vienna´s 6th district in the Gumpendorferstrasse. I wanted to go there for a long time now, since I love Asian food and eat sushi around 2-3 times a week and only heard great stuff about the place.
I really loved the cozy, dark and mystic atmosphere – there are hundreds of lamps hanging down the ceilings that flood the interior with dimmed, red light. Shanghai Tan has two floors, the ground level with tables that are of normal height, and a basement with lots of small lounges and lower teatables. This might not be the most comfortable position to eat in, especially for taller people, but it certainly is the cooler way to have your dinner. You can even get rid of your shoes and sit cross-legged on the benches.

The food tasted amazing, I had the “Edamame” for starters, which are basically boiled soya beans with salt. Then I moved on to “Gyoza”, Asian dough pockets filled with meat – best I ever had. Main course had to be Sushi obviously, I went for the “Sake Special” with salmon and avocado, which were great, but they could´ve left out the salmon eggs on top – that just grossed me out. Judith tried some noodles with vegetables and meat and Vicky had the “Sashimi and Avocado” salad and she really really liked it as well.

Over all, I can only recommend the place, which btw belongs together with famous “Ra´Mien” noodle kitchen. I definitely want to show the place to my babe as well since he is an even bigger fan of Asian food than I am. If you go there for the first time, make a reservation for the basement and try the “Lychee Cocktail” after dinner. Service was really attentive and price-performance ratio is close to perfect, even though I find the prices for the sushi sets a bit high.

Gumpendorferstrasse 9
1060 Wien

A bit more cozy

This is an outfit I wore last week when we all (I also like to say “the Gang” even though we are not very “gangish” at all haha) met up at Vicky´s place to eat Sushi and watch the Opernball together.

In a complete contrast to the elegant gowns on the television, I wanted to dress up as cozy as I could for my TV night with my best friends (and boyfriends, this time they were all invited – how kind of us, right?), so this is how it turned out. Vicky was nice enough to snap some photos between Sushi and the start of the Opernball, thanks honey!
I am completely and utterly smitten by my new, neon pink, super soft sweater from Zara – it was one of the last sale pieces and I snatched it for only 14 €, same goes for the black beanie, 6 € – can you imagine how happy I was? And please excuse my tired looks but it was a long working day that Thursday, which was also the reason why I felt like wearing something super comfy!

Beanie, Sweater, Coat, Pants: Zara
Shoes: New Yorker (old)
Watch: Michael Kors