the ingredient list: jewelry collection

this is the second post of my ingredient list and you will get to see some of my favorite – and in my opinion basic to every jewelry collection – bling pieces. this is not all “real” jewelry and most of it didn´t cost more than 10 euros (except for my pearls, they are all real and all gifted by lovely people). 
but what all of these babies have in common is the classic touch. whenever i started blogging and reading a lot of blogs, i saw thousands of trendy statement necklaces, neon earrings and armparties everyday and i started shopping way too much because i thought i had to incorporate every single trend in my blog if i wanted to be part of this community. but after a while of blogging i came to realize that this is very dangerous and expensive shopping behavior, it leads nowhere, you chase trend after trend and you loose the sense for what is your own style. so i started reflecting on what i really need, what i really like and what i really dressed like before starting my own blog – and the answer is that i always find classic styles to be the most appealing. that is also why the neon earrings and all my other hip and trendy pieces eke a miserable existence at the dark bottom of my jewelry storage and my classic pieces are on current repeat again, because nothing is as beautiful as staying true to yourself.

insta love #8

outfit planning – a favorite ritual of mine before i go out (seems i love my leo pants).
omg, this häagen-dasz ice is soooo yummy! middle pic: amerlingbeisl in vienna, cutest place ever! and of course: sushi, love of my life!
things that made me happy: good music, lovely invitations and birthday celebrations.
girls night out at the COS store opening – too much fun!
legs only pics when my face isn´t presentable 🙂
things i love: my pearls, the scented candles that i did myself, mr. moustache shirt
trying to create at least somehow stylish outfits for work (really not that easy, always thankful for inspiration)
not so business-like outfits.

in celebration colors.

on tuesday, we celebrated the birthday of our good friend judith, whom i grew very close with over the last couple of months. she is just such a warm, independent and caring person and i´m very thankful for everything that she has done for me since i moved to vienna. judith celebrated her special day by inviting a couple of friends over to her place and prepared the yummiest snacks and drinks. we had a really nice evening at her apartment but somehow i felt so incredibly tired the whole time and now i now the reason why – i´m lying in bed right now having a cold. enough of the whining, let´s move on to the outfit.
i really wanted to wear my new glitter flats from forever 21 and paired them with my glittery sequin clutch and a sheer chiffon blouse with ruffles on the front. to dress the whole look down a little bit, i then decided on two denim pieces – red jeans and a short denim jacket. 
(as always, thank you so much vicky for these pics)

glitter flats: forever 21 (very similar here)
sequin clutch: lookbookstore (similar here)
red denim pants, chiffon blouse: zara (similar here and here)

recipe: feta with figs

today i want to share one of my alltime favorite recipes with you my dearest of all readers!
my auntie showed my another variation of this super easy meal during our last barbecue session and i´m hooked! here is what you´ll need for this delicious dish:
1. some feta cheese 
2. figs
3. pine nuts
4. olive oil
5. aluminium foil
should be real fun to cook a meal with that little ingredients, right?
take one piece of feta cheese, put it on top of the foil. cut the figs and spread them over the cheese.
wrap the package, take it into the stove for about 25-30 minutes at 180°C.
in the meantime, open a glass of wine and decorate your plate nicely because there is not much else to do.

when you feel like your cheese is almost ready, start roasting the pine nuts until they have a golden color. but be careful, if you roast them too long they´ll become bitter and dry – i left mine in the pan just a little too long (should have stopped at the middle picture).
if you used too much oil for the roasting process (like me), that´s no problem – dump the nuts on a bit of kitchen roll, this will soak up the spare oil.

take the cheese out of the stove, open the foil package, spread the nuts over everything and tadadadaaaa – easy, fun, creative and delicious dish is finished! you can try the same thing in many combinations like peppers and onions, olives and tomatoes…the list goes on – whatever you can think of!
start wrapping today!

50 shades of leather

i´ve been spotting leatherpants everywhere lately, in the form of leggings, in black, silver, gold, red…the variations and combinations are endless! i love to style them with feminine accessoires like this sparkling statement necklace and soft materials to create a contrast to the harsh leather! since there are so many possibilities on how to wear leatherpants, i´m really looking forward to try out some new combinations over the next time! 
for the night out with my lovely friend vicky (we went to “motto am fluss” for dinner and drinks) this was the perfect outfit – nothing too fancy, but comfortable and stylish enough to spend an evening in this really great bar! also, it got really cold real fast in vienna, so the time for ballerinas and light blouses is over! you might have noticed how often we girls meet up since i moved to vienna and the weekly meetings (sounds like a therapeutic session and it kind of is actually haha) really mean a lot to me – chatting the night away while sipping on yummy drinks – is there anything better?
(thanks to vicky for those wonderful photos)

Pants: Pimkie (similar here)
Boots: New Yorker (old, similar here)
Jumper: Zara 
Denim Shirt: Topshop
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Glasses: Oliver Peoples
Jewellery: Forever 21